2012 Harford County track and field preview

An overiew look at the key newcomers and the top returning girls and boys in Harford County track and field this spring.



Head coaches: John Mobley and Kyree Edwards. Assistant coaches: James Blackwell III, Kyle Brown, Larry Lee, Charles Powell Jr., Sammi Real, Jaime White and Sean Wright

Top returning girls: Nia Alleyne, Sr., jumps; Kiersten Bond, Sr., jumps; Shawnta Bradford, Sr., throws; Jimmia McCluskey, Jr., sprints; Samara Miller, Jr., sprints; Donisha Porter, Jr., throws; Aria Real, Jr., sprints; Aliyah Reese, Sr., sprints; Nyah Reese, Sr., jumps.


Newcomers: Jordan Ecker, Jr., mid-dist.; Cierra Reid, Fr., jumps.

Top returning boys: James Blackwell, So., throws; Austin Bonsall, Jr., sprints; Nick Brown, Sr., throws; Isaiah Chapman, Jr., sprints; Chavez Cheatham, Sr., sprints; Griffin Gutkoska, Sr., throws; Jamil Sales, Jr., throws; Brian Valcarenghi, Sr., distance.

Newcomers: Justin Forc, So., hurdles; Kion Gibson, Fr., sprints/hurdles.

Outlook: Coach John Mobley describes his girls' team as one of the most talented Aberdeen has produced in recent years. "This is a very humble but hardworking group of young ladies who are ready to prove their worth on the local, regional and state level." There are 30 girls and 30 boys on the team. Senior sprinter Chavez Cheatham leads the returnees on the boys' team.

Conference finish in 2011: Girls second, boys fourth

Bel Air

Head coaches: Ashley Barnes, Michael Burke and Michelle Jansen. Assistant coaches: Jason Brooks, Dave Huryk and Mike Callahan.

Top returning girls: Kendal Daley, Jr., throws; Mackenzie Beers, Sr., throws; Taylor Chan, Sr., hurdles; Breanna Keene, So., dashes; Brittany Keene, So., dashes; Caroline Lozzi, So., hurdles; Sarah McKinney, Sr., hurdles, 400; Hannah Stambaugh, Sr., 400/800.

Newcomers: Marissa Abbey, Fr., dist.; Nyja Rivers, Fr., dashes.

Top returning boys: Roberto Ascenzi, Jr., mid-dist.; Aaron Farley, Sr., jumps; Alex Love, Sr., dashes; Jeff Martindale, Sr., throws; Ben Mayforth, Sr., mid-dist.

Newcomers: Dan Forrester, So.; Daniel Smith, Jr.

Outlook: The Bobcats, with 109 on the team, return several outstanding performers, and its girls' team has particularly strong returnees in the hurdles, middle distances, and throws. The boys' team has to rebuild its outstanding distance corps, but its sprint corps remains strong, led by UCBAC 200 champ Alex Love.

Conference finish in 2011: Girls fourth, boys third.

C. Milton Wright

Head coaches: Ray Lessnau and Donnie Mickey. Assistant coaches: Jerry Lee, Dom Corson, Michele Freeman and Kevin Reich.

Top returning girls: Shelby Bunce, Sr., hurdles; Megan Coughlin, So., dist.; Megan Frailer, Jr., sprints; Ashley Gereli, Sr., throws; Kathy Kammerer, Jr., vault; Emma Krebs, So., dist.; Charlee Lanphear, Sr., dist.; Shannon Rogers, So., dist.; Lena Sharesky, Jr., jumps; Miriam Silton, So., dist.

Top returning boys: Shane Carroll, Sr., dashes; Cameron Cloonan, Sr., hurdles; K.J. Dunbar, Sr., hurdles; Matt Hoerr, Jr., dist; Jason Jones, Sr., dashes; Blake Paulson, Sr., dist.; Reed Roberts, Sr.., dist; Dan Sweetser, Sr., dist.

Newcomer: Dewayne Melvin So., jumps, dashes.

Outlook. The Mustangs have the largest team in the UCBAC with 100 girls and 60 boys. "We have a very young girls' team, but there is a lot of promise in our young talent this year. The senior leadership will prove invaluable," said coach Ray Lessenau. The boys' team lost to graduation the talented jumpers and vaulters that led the Mustangs to second place in the UCBAC meet last year.

Conference finish in 2011: Boys second, girls sixth.


Head coach: Donald Smith. Assistant coaches: Jevon Berry, Josh Gehman, David Knight and Darlene Primus.

Top returning girls: Wilhelmina Austin, Sr., hurdles, jumps; Kiera McKenna, Jr., high jump.

Newcomer: Nasia Denegal, Jr., shotput.

Top returning boys: Ricky Dangerfield, Jr., dashes; Ray King, Jr., jumps; Rico Pena, Sr., hurdles; Noel Spencer, Jr., dashes; Lenier Tucker, Jr., mid-dist.

Newcomer: Brandon Chase, Sr. 200, 400.

Outlook: The Rams have some of the outstanding performers in the county — three-time state champ Wilhelmina Austin on the girls' team and quarter-miler Brandon Chase and jumper Ray King on the boys' team. They also have some of the best relay teams in the county. Both the boys' and girls' teams are short on depth, however.

Conference finish in 2011: Girls ninth, boys 12th


Head coaches. Mike Hollandsworth (girls), Leal Williams (boys). Assistant coach: Karin Walker.

Top returning girls: Brooke Hutton, So., mid-dist.; Katie LaHatte, Sr., hurdles, jumps; Grace Lekites, Jr., mid-dist.; Hannah Lewis, Sr., dist.; Taylor Lynch, Sr., 200/400; Tara McNulty, Jr., dashes; Kori Melton, Jr., dashes; Taylor Puglisi, So., dashes; Marissa Walker, Jr., vault, relays; Lauren Woollen, So., high jump, dashes.

Newcomers: Kendall Brajevich, Fr., mid-dist., long jump; Skylar Bodt, Fr., 400; Shannon Cooper, Sr., mid-dist.; Kristina Dziki, Sr., mid-dist.; Alicia King, Jr., mid-dist.; Sam Lewis, So., mid-dist., throws; Erin Propheter, Fr., 400, long jump; Fiona Puglese, Jr., dist.; Kay Rinkers, Fr., dist.; Cierra Siemasko, Fr., dashes.

Top returning boys: Chris Curry, Jr., dashes, jumps; Ean Hall, Jr., jumps; Chris Johnson, Jr., dashes; Jacob O'Neill, So., vault; John O'Neill, Jr., vault; Vinnie Profili, So., jumps; Chris West, So., dashes.

Newcomers: Connor Davis, Sr., throws; Thomas Lovette, Jr., dashes, jumps; Chris Rose, Sr., jumps.

Outlook: The girls' team has many newcomers and should have improved depth in all events. "We are young and inexperienced with a number of first time track athletes," said coach Mike Hollandsworth. "We are a well balanced team overall." There are 54 girls and 40 boys on the team. Chris Johnson, UCBAC 200 dash champ in 2010, leads a strong group of sprinters on the boys' team.

Conference finish in 2011: Girls 11th, boys 15th

Harford Tech


Head coaches: Michael Griffith and Stanley DeCusatis. Assistant coaches: Darrell Diamond, Darin House, Jeff Metteson and Donna Lewis.


Top returning girls: Paige Chapman, So., dashes; Brittney Chavis, Jr., throws; Marietta Corbin, Jr., dashes; Megan Doleschal, So., dist.; Jheniel Kelly, Sr., mid-dist., hurdles, jumps.

Newcomers: Hailey Jefferson, Fr., mid-dist, hurdles; Kara Hayward, Fr., dist.

Top returning boys: Michael Blickenstaff, Jr., dashes, jumps; Isaiah Gills, Jr., dashes, jumps; Josh North, Sr., mid-dist.; Dennis Pink, Jr. dashes, jumps; Isaiah Smothers, Sr., dashes, jumps.

Newcomers: Justin Morris, dist.; Matt Bonham, throws.

Outlook: The girls' team graduated several from Tech's two-straight state-finalist teams, but returns its top sprinters and distance runners. The girls' team is smaller, but remains rich in talent, with the potential to achieve a three-peat in the UCBAC and Regional championships. There are 31 girls and 41 boys on the team. The boys' team, 70 percent larger than last year, has a core of strong returnees and may have the depth to compete at the championship level.

Conference finish in 2011: Girls first, boys ninth

Havre de Grace

Head coaches: Bill Walsh and Gretchen Lilly. Assistant coaches: Chrissy Poetzel, Ralph Batykefer, Jose Ponce Mercado and Larry McCullers.

Top returning girls: Brittany Anderson, Jr., jumps, vault; Lynsey Blackburn, So., throws; Stephanie Carpenter, So., dist.; Arren Gapasin, Sr., dashes; Jillian Larrimore, Jr., hurdles; Maddie Larrimore, Jr., jumps; Ihuoma Okehie, Jr., jumps; Danielle Yankovich, So., dist.

Newcomer: Amy Kling, Jr., throws.

Top returning boys: Steve Ashman, Sr., hurdles, vault, jumps; Devyn Harris, So., sprints, vault; Kevin Ponce-Mercado, So., sprints; Jacob Nuce, So., dist., vault; Jake Williams, Jr., jumps.

Newcomers: Matt Chin, Fr., sprints, jumps; Gero Mappi, So., jumps.

Outlook: "Basically, this is a rebuilding year," said coach Bill Walsh, who has several promising newcomers and returnees on the team of 16 girls and 17 boys. The Warriors will be strong in the jumping events. Steve Ashman is a top threat in the division in both hurdles and has shown great improvement in the pole vault.

Conference finish in 2011: Boys 14th, girls 15th

John Carroll

Head coaches: Rob Torres and Mike Monaghan. Assistant coach: Jess Moderman.

Top returning girls: Taylor Battaglia, Sr., dist.; Sam Clarke, Jr., hurdles, high jump; Rebecca Driver, Jr., hurdles, jumps; Heather Kirwan, Sr., vault, throws; T'Keyah Lisbon, Sr., hurdles, dashes, jumps; Alexandra Loiodice, Sr., dashes; Annie Morris, Jr., dashes; Amanda Spaeth, So., dist.; Kayla Stoots, Sr., dist.; Megan Thompson, Jr., dashes; Shannon Vinton, Jr., high jump; Kiana Wright, Jr., dashes, jumps.

Newcomers: Holly Cook, Sr., dist.; Sophie Centi, So., dashes; Elizabeth Driver, Fr., dist.; Amy Slusher, Jr., dashes.

Top returning boys: Derek Alban, Jr., dist.; Caleb Anderson, Jr., dashes; Andrew Ellis, Sr., dist.; Tom Hancock, Sr., throws, vault, dashes; Will Horn, Jr., dist.; Dave Knaide, Jr., dist.; Austin Markley, Jr., vault, dashes, jumps; Ben Pickett, Sr., dist.; Denzel Varner, Sr., throws.

Newcomers: Drew Cook, Fr., vault, dashes; Colby Fell, So., jumps, throws; Julian Meares, Fr., dashes, throws; Jake Wade, Jr., dashes, throws.

Outlook: "The girls have talent in every event and should be solid in the IAAM A conference," said coach Rob Torres. "Our strongest event looks to be the high jump with two girls who've already cleared 5 feet and another just about there." There are 38 girls on the team, which is strong in the sprints, hurdles and field events. The strength of the boys' team is in the distance events, even with Ben Pickett out most of the season with a stress fracture. "The biggest challenge we have is small numbers (20 boys), so we may be challenged filling all the events," said Torres.

Conference finish in 2011: Boys first in MIAA B Conference, girls fourth in IAAM A Conference.


Head coach: A.J. Farris. Assistant coaches: Mary Schmedes and Kelly Bryant

Top returning girls: Breana Hagwood, Sr., hurdles, dashes; Brittany Meads, So., dashes; Ashley Joyner, Fr., dashes, jumps.

Top returning boys: Albert Goode III, Sr., dashes; Terrell Adams, Sr., dist.; Sharmar Robinson, So., dist.

Outlook: The Mariner girls' team has strong senior leadership and a lot of talent in the dashes and sprint relays. The team remains small, however, with 14 girls and 13 boys as the season begins. The boys team is young, with seniors Albert Goode and Terrell Adams providing the leadership.

Conference finish in 2011: Girls 12th, boys 13th

North Harford

Head coach: Eric Benjamin. Assistant coaches: Tim Dougherty, Michael James, John Butler and Jimmy Cachola.

Top returning girls: Hannah Berrell, Jr., throws; Sarah Cullum, Sr., dist.; Becca Reitnauer, Jr., throws; Annie Scott, Jr., dist.

Newcomers: Tessa Mirafijary, So., dashes; Abby Phillips, Jr., vault; Megan Tidey, So., dist.

Top returning boys: Tyler Ayres, Jr., throws; Tyler Campbell, Jr., throws, dashes; Gabe Lackey, Jr., vault; Kevin Mackey, Jr., throws.

Newcomers: Ian Fiser, Fr., dist.; Nick Fransham, Fr., dist.; Jake Knight, Fr., dashes.

Outlook: There are 37 on the boys' team and 22 on the girls', the latter being smaller than previous years. "Our strongest events are the throws, distance, and pole vault," said coach Eric Benjamin.

The boys' team has many newcomers and is also strong in the throws, distance, and vault. Junior Kevin Mackey has improved to become one of the best throwers in the UCBAC.

Conference finish in 2011: Girls 10th, boys 11th

Patterson Mill

Head coaches: Julie Wagner (girls), Qadry Ismail (boys). Assistant coaches: Mike Parker, Matt Provonche and Laura Malek.

Top returning girls: Natalia Carden, Sr., mid-dist.; Alexis Findley, Jr., jumps; Brittany Lang, Jr., throws; Alex Lebovic, Jr., 300 hurdles; Stephanie McCartney, Jr., dist.

Newcomers: Jordan Brown, Fr., dashes; Qalea Ismail, Fr., dashes; Ramona Scheuler, Jr., dashes; Abby Tallon, Fr., dashes; Natalie Thompson, Fr., dist.


Top returning boys: Dan Cardwell, So., throws; Lazarus Cardwell, So., mid-dist.; Ivan Omorogbe, Sr., mid-dist.; Essa Rizkallah, Jr., throws; Justin Snyders, Sr., mid-dist.

Newcomers: Luke DePasquale, Jr., dashes; Phil McDonald, Jr., dist.; Danny McKee, Jr., dashes, mid-dist.; Jake Ross, Fr., dist.

Outlook: There are many newcomers among the 35 boys and 20 girls on the team. Distance runner Stephanie McCartney, the top point-scorer among the girls last season, returns to lead the girls' team. The boys' team lost its top point producers but has several promising newcomers.

Conference finish in 2011: Boys 10th, girls 14th

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