Commentary: Getting ahead of the game(s), or Sandy

Ok, just so we're all clear: This column you're about to read was written Sunday, as we, who always try look ahead and plan for the best, put together today's sports section on Sunday, ahead of the whatever storm we got. Sports is routinely put together on Tuesdays, but figuring there would be nothing changing because of no sports action Monday, we were pro-active.

In reality, the main thing in sports affected by the storm was the region semifinal round of the field hockey playoffs. You know, those playoffs I wrote about last week. Just a note, with Fallson's win over Perryville and Patterson Mill's win over Bo Manor, there are no 1A schools left in the 1A North bracket.

Anyway, let's talk about the hockey playoffs that by now (Wednesday), have been impacted. Again, remember I wrote this Sunday, in the afternoon to be exact, while the Pittsburgh Steelers were battling the Washington Redskins. This column was likely interrupted more than once.

So, assuming the hockey playoffs were postponed Monday and then again Tuesday, just maybe the games were somehow set for today. That's Wednesday again.

Today (Wednesday) was the day for region finals with winners marching on to state semifinals. Pause for a Steelers touchdown.

Anyway, those state semifinals aren't scheduled to begin until Monday. That said, field hockey teams should have today, Thursday, Friday and Saturday to get region semifinals and finals done. I can't see why that should be a problem, unless the power is lost and it's not back on by then. Oh, pause; Steelers field goal.

Now, field hockey isn't the only sport getting caught up in this. Girls and boys soccer quarterfinals were supposed to be played Tuesday. There's more than enough time for these brackets to unfold.

The regional playoff draw for girls volleyball was supposed to be Monday in the MPSSAA office. Maybe that happened.

This Friday marks the final week of the football season. I'll have a more in-depth look in Friday's paper at the possibilities for postseason, but unlike a few past years, I think the list for this year is somewhat minimal.

Without getting too deep, North Harford appears to be the lone soldier in the fight, but like I said, I'll know more on Friday. Pause; Steelers touchdown.

Now, looking back for a minute. I was at the C. Milton Wright-Aberdeen game last Friday night. The game was certainly not the best I have ever seen, but man, did it get off a tremendous start.

When CMW's Antwan Ferguson took the opening kick back 85 yards for a score, there were plenty of stunned people. Some of whom hadn't found their seats yet.

Then, Aberdeen's Austin Bonsall took the ensuing kick back as well, from 95 yards, only to have it wiped out by an illegal block penalty. Unfortunately for both teams, those yellow flags were visible all night. If I had a dollar for every flag and 50 cents per yard in yards lost, I think I could take a week off without pay and be okay. Not suggesting that by the way, just saying.

Pause, Steelers field goal and halftime.

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