Did you hear, football is back?

Football is back! The best three words in the world, right?

Here's three more words that many probably thought and even spoke. Who really cares?


I mean seriously, did you really think there could be no NFL this year? If you did, wake up.

But let's say they did truly fail to come to some kind of agreement, what might that have done to people all over this country and beyond? I'm glad we don't have to find out.


This I do know. In another month, some fans who wear the purple and some who wear the black and gold will be so consumed by the week one match-up that you might think there's nothing else in the world to be concerned about.

I like pro football a lot and I like to see as much of it as I can, but as with everything we do, there has to be a limit.

Let's be glad that there will be football, but let's also remember that none of us have nothing to do with who wins and loses. Have some class, regardless of who you root for.

The 2011 Little League season came to a close for Havre de Grace's Junior Softball All-Stars Monday night in the little Eastern Shore town of Hurlock.

The local girls put forth a pretty good effort, but came up short against a decent opponent in St. Mary's American from southern Maryland.

All I know is two and a half hours each way for three days in a row was a bit taxing, not to mention the fuel usage and cost involved.

In less than a month the county will be a busier place as hundreds, if not thousands, make their way here for another Cal Ripken World Series.

Players from the U.S. and five additional countries will descend on the Ripken Baseball Academy to decide who's the best baseball team for 12-year-olds in the Babe Ruth League.


There's one big question that looms as the series draws near. Will the International Championship be won by a team other than Mexico? Ever since the World Series moved to Aberdeen in 2003, Mexico has won the International title.

Every year for the last three or four, many thought the Japan or Republic of Korea might be the team to get it done, knocking off the perennially tough Mexicans.

Time will tell, but quite honestly, I don't care who wins as long as we see good baseball. I believe in its eight previous tries, the series has offered us a pretty good style and level of baseball. I believe it will continue.

Before we get there though, there's a few weeks of down time but there's plenty of action out there to see. The Maryland Sting semi-pro football team is back in action with home games in Fallston and this week, the US U19 Girls Lacrosse Team is training at Cedar Lane in Creswell. Game tonight (Wednesday) versus NEMS and another on Friday evening against MD United. Both games are at 7:30 p.m. and probably worth a look.