Who is Kevin Frandsen? That's exactly the question I was asking myself and my wife Saturday night as we enjoyed a Major League Baseball game at Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park.

As a longtime fan of the Kansas City Royals, I jumped at the chance to see them in action. I've been to a number of Royals games over the years, but this was a first in Philadelphia. I have seen the Royals in action in Baltimore, at both Camden Yards and Memorial Stadium, as well as one time in Kansas City.


Saturday night, though, was a first for myself and Rayma as neither of us had been to Philly to see Major League Baseball. Touring or a concert? Yes, but not baseball.

So, we arrived early, which allowed us to take a good look around the stadium. We had tickets, thanks to John Haffey, on the Hall of Fame Club Level, which may have spoiled us just a bit, but a pretty awesome night to say the least.

I know that park is newer and more updated than Baltimore's Camden Yards, but I think I like it a little better.

Anyway, it was nice to walk around the Hall of Fame Club Level and see all the people related to the Phillies or the Philadelphia area who are in the Hall of Fame. Some of the artifacts from long ago were neat to see. The history was also very cool.

It was a cool evening, but not a cold one and it was a good game of baseball.

The first few innings rolled along without either team making much noise on the offensive end. A fast game doesn't bother me a bit, but if there was going to be any scoring, then the game might slow down. And, eventually, there was scoring.

Speeding ahead to the final inning, the Royals were in good shape, leading, 3-1. Well, so we thought.

When the Royals closer came on and walked the first three batters, it was like a nightmare. He did, however, strike out the next two batters, giving me and the few other Royals fans I could see, a little hope.

Then came that dude, Frandsen. He entered the game as a pinch hitter and his stat line was 1-for-1, batting 1,000.00 with no RBIs. Rayma and I both thought, Hmmmmm.

Well, our Hmmmmm was right. Frandsen, who by the way, was born just days before I graduated from high school, whacked the first pitch he saw into the right-center gap. Do I need to write anymore?

A bases-clearing, game-winning double that sent Phillies fans into fanatics. How appropriate.

Hey, it's hard to watch your team give one away, but for you die hard Orioles fans, you know exactly what I'm talking about and the season is merely a week and a day old.

It's a long season and plenty of good baseball to see. If you get the chance to see a game in Philadelphia, take it. You don't have to root for the Phillies, but you might go home slightly disappointed.

Seriously, it was a wonderful time and we'd do it again, regardless of who is playing. We just like baseball, a lot.


I will now pat myself on the back for my picking of Louisville to win the NCAA Mens Basketball title. The score wasn't quite right and Syracuse wasn't the opponent, but the Cardinals are champions either way.