I'm sure many of you will disagree, but this time of the year is among the best during our calendar year.

The weather is slowly getting warmer most days, baseball is back, March Madness comes to its conclusion in April and NASCAR is early in its season, too. Oh, and let's not forget, The PGA Tour is humming right along.


Now, there are some down things about this time of year. Just ask any of those who battle the allergy issues. Trees, flowers, grasses, you name it, and someone has red itchy eyes, sneezes and constant drainage. Doesn't sound like much fun, does it? Knock on wood, I'm not one too bothered by this, but I live with four others who are and that includes a black lab named Magic.

But it's the good things I like to concentrate on, like baseball.

As I sit here this Tuesday morning, it's some six or so hours before the Baltimore Orioles open their 2013 season in Tampa Bay. For all you Orioles faithful, I hope you make out just a bit better than my favorite team, the Kansas City Royals. Monday wasn't so good as the Royals failed to score and lost 1-0 to the Chicago White Sox. As C. Milton Wright girls lacrosse coach Brent Ritz said last week: "A great win to start the season, but championships are not won on the first game of the season." It wasn't a win for my team, but I'll take the part about the first game of the season doesn't win a championship.

It is nice to win the season opener though, regardless of where it's played and what sport it's played in.

The Orioles are scheduled to open the home schedule Friday, but a chance of rain is in the forecast as of today. Again, this was written Tuesday.

Now, onto March Madness and what's left of it.

Before it all began, I made my Final Four predictions. This is what I wrote: "Louisville beats Miami and Ohio State beats Georgetown in the semifinals. Louisville then wins the national championship over Ohio State, 68-60. Standby next week for a new bracket."

Now, if you looked at that closely, you'll see those predictions were way off. Not because Louisville is the only team I have left, but because national semifinals didn't match up. Somehow, the bracket I printed to look over the tourney and make my picks, was set up wrong. Yes, wrong. The regions were placed on the page wrong pitting Midwest (Louisville) against East (Syracuse) in the semifinals. In reality it's the West (Wichita State) that matches up with the Midwest and Louisville.

So, I'm not changing my pick. Louisville will win, it just won't be Ohio State that they beat. The Cardinals will get past Wichita State and I believe Syracuse will find a way to beat Michigan.

That said, Louisville and Syracuse will meet for a fourth time this season in next week's national title game. Syracuse beat Louisville in that first meeting, but Louisville won the next two, including the Big East Championship last month.

Louisville wins the National Championship over Syracuse, 68-60.