Baltimore Sun

Party differences [Letter]

Recently I have made some very interesting observations about people and politics. I have noticed a significant contrast between conservative Republicans and the liberal Democrats in the light of two fairly recent weather events.

The first incident was Hurricane Katrina, which significantly impacted the area of New Orleans. Without argument, New Orleans has a very large Democratic base. After the hurricane devastated the area, widespread looting took place. The citizens who were left without residences were allowed to stay in the sports stadium where a makeshift shelter was provided. While in the shelter, the police received numerous complaints of assaults, robbery and even rape.


In a more recent weather catastrophe, the state of Oklahoma was significantly impacted particularly in the areas of Moore and Oklahoma City. The state of Oklahoma is very conservative Republican. I did not see any notable incidents of crime of any type. What I did see was an area and community that had rallied together for the common good to help each other.

I'm sure that this comparison would never be presented by the likes of Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews or Al Sharpton on MSNBC. I would like to know what happened to the Democratic Party that I once knew. My entire family came from Eastern Baltimore City in the '50s and '60s. If you mentioned the word Republican you would have been "run out of town on a rail." Those were the days when JFK made the statement "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." These were the days when Democrats were working class people who just wanted an even shake. What happened? Why is there now this overwhelming feeling of entitlement? Why is there no accountability?


I don't claim to be a political scientist and I by no means know all the answers. As a policeman for over 30 years, I have made numerous observations. I would like to know why there are so many abuses to public assistance programs. I am not saying that public assistance is not needed, but there has to be accountability and time limits. The lack of accountability leads to the aforementioned feeling of entitlement by many which is subsequently ruining our country and economy.

Just because you are receiving some type of public assistance doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep your kids off the street, keep your public housing clean and don't abuse drugs. Use your welfare money for its intended purpose, your family, not for drugs and alcohol. It happens all too often and it needs to stop. It is a no brainer. I blame Obama and O'Malley for the lack of accountability.

If you keep giving benefits to people and require no accountability two things are going to happen. People will have no inducement to get off of public assistance and they will continue to vote Democrat (the enablers). Sooner or later, the people that vote for a living will outnumber those of us who work for a living. I hope for the sake of my kids and their kids that we fix this problem soon. I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this one is mine. Thanks for listening.

Paul M. Wilkinson