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Letter: Ripken World Series grows

Japan teammates celebrate after scoring the winning run in Saturday's Cal Ripken World Series International Championship game.


Thanks to our Harford County Community for supporting the Cal Ripken World Series.


The Cal Ripken World Series is Babe Ruth League's 12 and Under Classic, just as the Little League World Series is to Little League. The difference is simple – Little League World Series has played in Williamsport for 65 years, while the Cal Ripken World Series has called Aberdeen home for 10.

The Cal Ripken World Series is Harford County's International Event, welcoming families and teams from six countries here to our own backyard. It is our County's only Nationally Televised Event, with the Championship Weekend being televised live on CBS Sports Network.


This summer was the best year yet for the World Series. Attendance grew. There were dance parties, live music and all-you-can-eat feasts. Our goal is to blend our community into the fabric of the Cal Ripken World Series. We want you to experience it, and join in with these kids from all over the United States and the world to celebrate.

Your participation made the International Championship Game between Japan and Republic of Korea one of the best games ever. Your support of Maryland as they became the first state champion to capture the United States Championship showed our support toward our own state representatives.

Thank you to Babe Ruth League and to the Ripken Family for bringing this Event. A bigger thank you goes to our Host Families who open their homes and hearts to International players. And an amazing thank you goes to our community who came out to Cal Sr.'s Yard to cheer these kids on.  It's just a regular game without your support.  With your support, you bring energy, electricity, enthusiasm, and magic.

See you in August, 2013.

Amy Venuto

Host President of the Cal Ripken World Series