Letter: Writer disagrees with Aegis, but says TIFS are bad


In The Aegis of Nov. 28, the editor took a cheap shot at Dion Guthrie.


I agree the TIF is a bad deal for taxpayers. The results of the TIF that was approved for Beech Tree is proof that TIFs do not benefit taxpayers. Boniface, Lisanti, Slutzky and Guthrie voted for the James Run TIF. Why didn't the editor criticize all four of the council members instead of singling out Guthrie? Why didn't the editor tell all four to take a jump? Boniface and Lisanti were the motivating force that got the James Run Project zoning changed to allow this project to be included in the development envelope?

Common sense directs that if a developer can't get a commercial loan, taxpayers shouldn't be used to float the developer a loan.

Common sense appears to have departed from some of Harford's political and religious leaders. The Harford County Council approved zoning for land on which Walmart wants to build, now some of these same council members are crying wolf! If Walmart is denied their legal right to build on this land, I predict Harford taxpayers will pay the outcome of a huge lawsuit. Festival Shopping Center is next to the Walmart site; will the council members suggest action be taken against the traffic that uses the Festival Shopping area?

Because politicians are people with flaws, I am tired of religious Leaders publicity stating who they voted for. In my opinion, it is not God's will to have politicians rule over us. Jesus said we are to obey our government, and yet America was founded as a result of a revolt against government. Are Christians directed to pray for political leaders and not to brag and boast about them?

Politics divides people and causes all manner of confusion and ill will toward others, God is love! Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward others comes from God, not from politicians. Christmas is the season to share goodwill with others.

If you want to share with me, please send green back dollars!

Merry Christmas and a healthy, Happy New Year!

Curtis Pace