Someone once wrote that "war is hell!" Is this a worldwide, unnoticed, undeclared war now in existence? If there is a World Wide War, why is there only silence, why isn't the media reporting it? If there is a World Wide War are the Political and Religious Leaders of the World asleep?


Were there books written about World War II that accused America's leaders of being asleep at the beginning of the war? During World War I there was a slogan "The War to End All Wars", yet, approximately 21 years later World War II began.

I was a child at the beginning of the World War II, living in a Southern State. The war created millions of new jobs so we moved north. My mother and father got defense jobs and my family prospered. My father was paid 78 cents an hour, his previous job, at which he had worked for 21 years, paid 13 cents an hour. People in our neighborhood were concerned about members of the armed services being in harms way, so church services were well-attended and prayers were made. Millions of people world wide were killed in World War II. Who's side was God on?

Is there really a World Wide War now in existence? Most older Christians will probably agree that there is a spirited World War in existence between the forces of good versus evil. Who defines good and evil for us? The three monkeys approach to the question of evil was one spoke no evil, one saw no evil, one heard no evil, but evil still existed? Some people depend upon religious leaders to define good and evil. I hear plenty of plans on how to get rich and obtain wealth, but very little about evil and how to try and avoid it. How come Jesus wasn't rich? What happened to the rich gifts that the three wise men gave to baby Jesus? Jesus had rich and poor friends. A rich friend loaned his tomb for a burial place for Jesus. A person without a tomb in the time of Jesus had his body put in the dump and burned.

This was of good versus evil is not creating jobs nor creating wealth. Millions are unemployed with more to be added, countries are broke, America is in debt with no near term prospects of getting out of debt. This economic diaster has resulted in millions without jobs, in debt, some homeless, many needing help with food and shelter and medical care. Millions without hope. Why is this happening? Are we too busy, too indifferent to help? Has evil taken charge of the world?

Is there a World Wide War that is unnoticed, unreported, undeclared that has millions of victims?

Who cares?

Curtis Pace