Letter: Violence a result of turning away from God


I am writing in response to Adam Obest's letter (A time for civilized debate …) which appeared in The Aegis Dec. 19.  He stated, "Our society glorifies murder: in the movies, in video games, in all the downright desensitizing entertainment."   I agree with this but there is more. Our society has helped create the mess we're in right now.  Our country has legally allowed the killing of unborn children and made laws to protect immoral behavior. We seem to have lost our moral compass and our children are confused. Right and wrong have become blurred because we ignore the Bible as our source of truth. Could this be one reason so many are mentally unstable?

Too many of our children are growing up without a moral foundation because our public schools and government are too concerned about being politically correct. I also agree with Mr. Obest that more gun laws are not the answer. The killing of innocent humans is not a legal problem, it is a heart problem. Jesus said in Matthew that the Law was summed up in two great commandments: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and Love your neighbor as yourself."

I encourage parents to be courageous in their task of being their children's heart shapers.  Go to church with them, love God, love others, stand up for the truth. Let your children see your good example and be involved in their life. Children need and want a relationship with their mom and dad, not more things or activities.  We can change our society for the better.  It begins with putting God first in the home.

Diana Murphy


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