'... a horrible year for Maryland taxpayers' [Letter]


Friends, it has been an honor serving you for the past 11 years. I can't say that the job has gotten easier, as the State marches farther and farther to the left. I really held back on sending out my Annapolis Updates this year, hoping for some positive news. Unfortunately, the bad outweighs the good.

It was a horrible year for Maryland taxpayers, but a great session for Martin O'Malley and his ambition to become the most left-wing presidential candidate in 2016.

My office received over 7,700 emails on the gun issue. We responded to each, and kept everyone updated. Supporters of the Second Amendment overwhelmed the proponents of O'Malley's bill. But in the present Maryland General Assembly, that testimony fell on deaf ears. I voted against SB 281, offered amendments to change it, and will be strongly in favor of a referendum to place it on the ballot in 2014. Gun owners, you all must register to vote for your signature to count on a referendum petition.

The Governor passed his gas tax, driver's licenses for illegal aliens, repeal of the death penalty, a phony lock box bill for the transportation trust fund - a "box with no locks," and numerous other fee and tax increases and additional regulations on businesses. The result will be to drive more jobs out of the State of Maryland - Beretta, the gun manufacturer in Prince George's County, will be taking away 400 good-paying jobs.

Once again I voted against the Governor's budget, as it continues to grow at a pace that cannot be sustained, putting Maryland in danger of losing its AAA bond rating.

The Maryland General Assembly has again this year made an attack on families and private-sector business with a shot below the belt. And throughout all this, they couldn't even resolve a simple issue over dog bites.

I wish I could give you some good news, but I feel I was elected to tell you the truth.

Thanks once again for giving me the opportunity to fight on your behalf.

Del. Rick Impallaria

District 7, western Harford, eastern Baltimore counties

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