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Time is now to teach our children to respond to an active shooter [Letter]


It has been brought to my attention that Harford County Public Schools is not participating in the ALICE training for active shooter preparations. As a parent of a high school student in HCPS and as a former teacher in HCPS, I am outraged.

I am a Realtor in Harford County and I attended an informative session a year ago, that was taught by Harford Co Police Dept (for free). It was eye-opening, we need to have some education on best procedures before you are in the moment of crisis.

Numerous teachers in HCPS, have specifically asked the administrators if they could participate and the answer they are receiving is, “not at this time.” Our surrounding counties, Cecil and Baltimore, have already trained their staff, given instruction to students, informed and educated parents are have already had assailant drills for practice. THEY ARE PREPARED. THEY ARE SAFE. THEY HAVE A CHANCE AT PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN.

Why does Harford County even have the option to decline our number one priority — to keep our children safe? We deserve answers from the school system and we need them fast! After this Aberdeen Rite Aid shooting, there is NO way to avoid these situations anymore. We have to prepare.

I have taught my daughter how to respond in an active shooter situation; but, the problem is that the teachers and staff will give her wrong information and put her life at risk. They will demand that she sit in a corner, or under a desk and hide like a sitting duck! No, she needs to run for her life. Fight back. We, as parents, cannot allow our children to go to school with fear of their safety. If teachers, staff, students and parents are uneducated, we are tragically awaiting mass murder. There is no polite way to approach this topic.

HCPS can not use a budget excuse as to why they aren’t getting educated. If that was the problem, then we should all remove our children from schools. Their lives come first.

It is time to face the reality of the situation. It is not a matter of “if” it will in your lifetime, it is a matter of “when” it will happen. So, will you have a chance at survival or just crouch in a ball and get shot?

Carla Fink

Bel Air

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