Don't push the envelope


Bravo to The Aegis for its editorial "Hold the Line," published Feb. 15. It states powerfully the folly of plans to open up even more of the fragile land in the I95/Route 40 corridor to ecologically and fiscally damaging development.

We who live in this "Master Plan envelope" do not appreciate the eagerness of county government to increase our tax burdens, convert our few open areas to sprawl and sacrifice our remaining quality of life to spurious visions of business-industrial Utopia.

Do we want distinctive, individualistic communities with a mix of residential options "and economies" that make them all equally desirable? No doubt about it.

Should we improve MARC and Amtrak service and renovate the stations? Absolutely.

Repair degraded roads and bridges? By all means.

Invest in schools so that the county can brag about its education resources and standards in Edgewood as well as Bel Air, in Havre de Grace and Aberdeen as well as Fallston? Without question.

Create new recreational areas, parks, walking and biking trails? Absolutely.

Preserve more streamside and bayside land. An emphatic and unconditional yes!

Increasing the density of business, industry and housing within the present envelope is either a no-win, zero-sum or losing proposition for a county anxious to preserve its livability. We hope that the planning office will take a more enlightened view concerning the needs of the citizens and neighborhoods in the so-called "development envelope." We should benefit from their wisdom, rather than fearing their short-sighted high-handedness.

Daniel Tamkus

Ellen B. Cutler


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