For the smoking ban

Regarding the letter to the editor published Dec. 9 in the Open Forum, "Steaming over smoking ban:"

I find all of your arguments faulty.  First let me speak to "how would enforcement work?" It's simple, when someone, who is not a smoker, sees a person smoking where they should not be smoking, they simply ask the person to put it out. If the smoker refuses then a call to police is the next step. If the smoker is the only person on the prohibited ground, then I guess there is no problem because the stinky dangerous smoke from your cigarette is not bothering anyone.  Hopefully you would take the butt with you, but more often than not it ends up on the ground.

Your comment on "the needs of a few outweighing the needs many," is backward.  According to WebMD, one in five adults smoke, so that means the non-smoking 80 percent outweighs the smoking 20 percent (majority rules!). 

And, that's why we don't want you smoking around non-smokers and more importantly we don't want you smoking around our children.

Not only has it been proven that second-hand smoke is dangerous, but kids are very easily influenced, if they see an adult smoking, something in their little heads tells them that smoking is OK so maybe I should try it.  But you and I know it's not OK.

Smokers are not bad people, just misguided people. They know it's bad, even deadly, but they do it anyway.  I don't understand this. My father died from lung cancer, yet my mother still continued to smoke for years.

My advice to smokers is to stop smoking. With the help that is out there today, all smokers should be able to quit.

Phil Brainard


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