Despite heavy rain, about 30 people attended the Jarrettsville/Norrisville Community Council meeting Wednesday night at the Madonna Country Market in Jarrettsville.

To start off the meeting, Harford County Sheriff's Office Northern Precinct Commander Capt. Keith Warner spoke about recent police activity, as well as crime in the area.


Warner recommended that Jarrettsville area residents ask the sheriff's office for a "home security survey" for homeowners to determine any vulnerability to burglary, and noted that most home burglaries occur between 8:30 a.m. and 1 to 2 p.m. He also told attendees that they could keep up with crimes in the area via

Warner noted that the December town hall meeting held by Sheriff's Office at the Jarrettsville library had "the number one attendance at any of our town hall meetings." He also announced that Thursday would be his last day as a deputy, as he would be retiring from the sheriff's office. He is leaving to run the Sheriff's Training Academy.

County Councilman Chad Shrodes thanked Warner for his service to the county, and also spoke during the meeting regarding a number of local efforts by the county council.

Regarding the recent revision by the state to the Sustainable Growth Act and the transfer of development rights program, Shrodes noted his strong opposition, but said there is a silver lining.

"We're actually going to have our own program," Shrodes said. "The only good thing to come out of this is that we now have a planning tool."

Shrodes said that the new county budget for fiscal year 2014 would allow for three county libraries to keep Sunday hours, and also mentioned his work on a new task force to reduce the total number of fatal car accidents in the county.

"Unfortunately, we rank fourth in the state in fatal accidents," Shrodes said. "We're trying to get Harford County to improve on that."

Shrodes drew scattered applause and loud "thank yous" from the audience when he said that there would be no speed cameras implemented by the county.

Closing out the meeting, community council chairman Dave Seman noted the meeting's location at the Madonna Country Market, and urged meeting attendees to "buy local" at area small businesses like the market, noting that it employs "14 of your neighbors."

"If people aren't working, we'll have to get Captain Warner back in here because bad things happen," Seman said to laughter from the audience.