HCC seeking $3 million for capital projects

Harford Community College is seeking nearly $3 million for projects in fiscal year 2013, while delaying, because of a change in county funding limitations, the construction of a new nursing and allied health building.

During Tuesday's Board of Trustees meeting, John Cox, vice president of finance, and Greg Deal, associate vice president, presented the capital budget and capital improvement program to the board, which gives a schedule of the college's planned expenditures for the coming fiscal year, as well as the next nine.


The proposal will be submitted to the Harford County government and State of Maryland for review and funding. Cox said the budget will be submitted to the board for approval in December, with a final figure by April.

"There are six projects we're seeking funding for [fiscal year] 2013," Cox explained. The total of the projects is $2,991,750, with $1,896,000 being requested from the state, $870,750 from the college and $225,000 to be received from HCC's consolidated fee, which is charged to students per credit and "supports services such as parking, schedule changes and student activities," according to HCC's website.


Funding totaling $1,164,000 has been requested for the completion, furnishing and equipping of the new Susquehanna Center, Cox said. The money assigned for fiscal year 2013 will go toward a loading dock, 115 parking spaces for the center, additional seating and a wastewater lift station and pipeline. Another $3,000 of the requested funds would go toward relocating activities and classes to other facilities while construction continues.

For fiscal years 2009-2012, $31,750,849 has already been spent or allocated.

Roof replacements for the student and Chesapeake centers would require $375,000.

"Given the life span of the roofs, plans are in place for replacement to ensure roofing systems are kept safe and structurally sound," the presentation explained. Cox said designing for the project would be "soon."

A project involving the expansion, replacement, installation and repair of campus parking lots would require $357,000 in fiscal year 2013.

That year's funding would specifically go toward the reconfigurations and resurfacing of the road from Fallston Hall and the Susquehanna Center, Cox said, as well as the removal of the one-way exit at Entrance 3 to prepare for construction of the new nursing and allied health building. This project had previously been allocated $4,905,425.

Funds totaling $283,750 were requested for computer equipment and technology, going toward the refreshing and repurposing of PCs and Mac computers, as well as the completion of the college's wireless system upgrade. HCC's consolidated fee revenue of $197,000 had already been allocated toward the project.

Bryan Kelly, chairman of the HCC board, stressed the importance of the project, saying the college "can't allow technology to become antiquated" when students need it to succeed, even though "it's easy to push off."


The facility will be 5,000 square feet and have secure storage for furniture, the environmental services office and storage and preparation facilities for IT equipment. According to the proposal, "the building will replace a completely depreciated portable classroom facility adjacent to the Joppa Annex lot and two storage trailers."

The final project requesting funding for fiscal year 2013, Cox said, is the design, engineering and construction of a new entrance for the college's sports complex grounds for $212,000.

The entrance would realign the current path to be more direct from T-Lot to the college's ball fields, opening more space for the practice fields.

No funds were requested for the nursing and allied health building, Cox said, as county funding is not available for fiscal year 2013. Construction and furnishing of the building, however, is scheduled for completion by fiscal year 2015.

The proposal outlined a request for $7,052,500 in fiscal year 2014 and $9,305,125 in fiscal year 2015. Cox said design for the building will be complete by December 2012 with construction starting in late fiscal year 2013 so the county "doesn't incur that cost" in that year.

"There's no reason to rush the project at this point," Cox said about the delay.


A place holder for $305,000 was also put in the college's budget for fiscal year 2015 for renovations of Maryland Hall.

"It's doubtful we'll get state funding," Cox said.

Funding for renovations of Edgewood Hall will also be held until fiscal years 2014 and 2015. The building will have heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades, energy efficiency improvements and interior architectural changes.