Players Owen Ploughman, left, and Tyler Campbell collide during a drill at the afternoon varsity football practice at North Harford High School Wednesday.
Players Owen Ploughman, left, and Tyler Campbell collide during a drill at the afternoon varsity football practice at North Harford High School Wednesday. (MATT BUTTON | AEGIS STAFF, Homestead Publishing)


Head coach: Johnny Brooks (second year)


2011 record: 10-3

Top returning players: Devin Kossakowski, Sr., (OL/DE); Austin Bonsall, Sr., (WB/DB); Dante Warfield, Sr., (RB/SS); Adric Turner, Sr., (OL/DL); Trashon Turner, Sr., (FB/LB); Nick Wynn, Sr., (QB/LB); Maurice Harris, Sr., (TE/LB); Eric Briggs, Sr., (TE/LB)

Key newcomers: Traveres Payton, Sr., (WB/S); Charles Jennings, So., (FB/LB); Eric Whitti, Jr., (OL/LB); Nate McKinney, Jr., (SE/DB); Alvin Dennis, Jr., (OL/DL); Kenshea McCarney, Jr., (RB/DB); James Blackwell, Jr., (Ol/DL); Walter Jones, So., (OL/DL)

Outlook: The Eagles, who made a short run in the playoffs a year ago, return six starters from that team. Coach Brooks says this year's team is a very youthful group seeking to make a return to the playoffs. "Hoping to stay away from the injury bug, we will look to the seniors for much needed leadership," Brooks said. "Depth on the line and in the back field will be the strong points on the team."

Bel Air

Head coach: Dave Huryk (third year)

2011 record: 4-6

Top returning players: Nick Harris, Sr., (WR/DB); Matt McCann, Sr., (OL/DL); Garye Pendleton, Sr., (RB/LB); Juwan Singletary, Sr., (RB/LB); Travis Soubie, Sr., (OL/DL); Ben Webber, Jr., (TE/DL)

Key newcomers: Mitchell Muller, Jr., (RB/LB); Matt Wallace, Jr., (QB/DB)

Outlook: "We hope to rebuild this year and remain as competitive as possible," Coach Dave Huryk said. "Harford County always has good teams, and it is a weekly battle to compete. Our young men have worked very hard to prepare for the season, and we hope that the effort translates to positive results on Friday night."

C. Milton Wright

Head coach: Marc Alegi (first year)

2011 record: 2-8

Top returning players: Jake Burnett, Sr., (RB/DB); Tyler Bussineus, Sr., (TE/LB); Ryan Christ, Sr., (FB/LB); Dax Conrad, Sr., (G/LB); Antwan Ferguson, Sr., (RB/DB); Steven Gray, So., (WR/DB); Tyler Hall, Sr., (TE); Will Hazelton, So., (RB/DB); Steven Gray, So., (WR/DB); Ross Kunmann, Jr., (WR); Ryan Lee, Sr., (C); Caleb Moretz, Sr., (T/OLB); Craig Moretz, Sr., (T/OLB); Osiah Walker, So., (WR/DB); Jamal Worthington, So., (QB/TE/DB);


Key newcomers: Tyler Dameron, Sr., (WR/DB); Shane Dulski, Sr., (WR/DB); Michael Poorbaugh, Fr., (OL/DL); Omar Walker, So., (QB/DB); Bruce West, Sr., (OL/DL)

Outlook: "We are continuing to improve on a daily basis, but still have a lot of work to do before our first game against Rising Sun," Coach Marc Alegi said. "We have a few injuries that we are dealing with that hopefully do not carry over into the regular season. Our kids are excited and have been working really hard through the summer months to prepare for this year. We just need to continue to improve on a daily basis and not become complacent. We have a great group of kids in our program, and a tremendous coaching staff. Hopefully everything will come together for us this season and we can be successful week in and week out.


Head coach: Fred Myers (19th year)

2011 record: 4-6

Top returning players: Basel Naanaa, Sr., (T/DT); Joshua Elseroad, Sr., (T/DT); Shawn Kluclinsky, Jr., (G/LB); Jordan Hicks, Sr., (TE/LB); Noel Spencer, Sr., (TB/CB); Ray King, Sr., (WB/CB)

Key newcomers: Kaliel Barmer, Jr., (QB/CB); Langston Guinn, Jr., (TE/LB); Mason Parker, Jr., (FB/LB); Izaiah Snead, So., (TB/SS)

Outlook: "Our players worked extremely hard in the off-season," Coach Fred Myers said. "They have a great work ethic and I believe we are going to have a great year." The Rams have 11 returning starters back from last year's team.


Head coach: Dave Cesky (36th year)

2011 record: 9-2

Top returning players: Marc Badner, Sr., (RB/KR); Garrett Coburn, Sr., (OLB/WR); Pat Cruickshank, Sr., (FB/DE); Chris Curry, Sr., (WR/DB); Alex Helm, Jr., (OG/DT); Bryan Jirsa, Sr., (S/WR); Sean Lewns, Sr., (FB, LB); Levi Lloyd, Jr., (OG/DT)

Key newcomers: Wyatt Alexander, Sr., (WR/DB); Ty Hopkins, Jr., (WR/LB); Ross Mitchell, So., (RB/DB); Brandon Weinhold, So., (QB)

Outlook: A year after one of the best seasons in program history, during which Fallston went 9-1 in regular-season games and earned a 3A playoff berth, the Cougars come into the 2012 campaign needing to acclimate their newcomers quickly if they want to survive. "We are young an inexperienced at the varsity level," Coach Dave Cesky said. "We need to mature quickly if we are going to be in the top half of the league."

Harford Tech

Head coach: Johnny Watson (sixth year)

2011 record: 1-9

Top returning players: Isaiah Gills, Sr., (WR/DB); Dennis Pink, Sr., (RB/LB); Andres Armstrong, Sr., (QB/DB); TJ Palmer, Sr., (RB/DB); Koran Harris, Sr., (Ol/LB); Mike Vega, Sr., (Ol/DL); Zac Robinette, Sr., (TE/DE); Calvin Alford, Sr., (WR/DB)

Key newcomers: Jake Carlino, Jr., (OL/DL); Jeremy Carlino, Jr., (OL/DL); Scott Ormond, So., (OL/DL); Elijah Minter, So., (RB/LB); Sam Miller, Jr., (RB/LB)

Outlook: Despite the 1-9 mark last year, Coach Watson says the Cobras look to rebound and have a great year with good kids and a new attitude. "We will be small in numbers with 23 and we return five starters on defense and four on offense," Watson said. "Even though we are small in numbers, we will be big in heart and effort. The kids have worked hard in camp and scrimmages and we will surprise a lot of people this year with our play."

Havre de Grace

Head coach: Greg Long (second year)

2011 record: 4-6

Top returning players: Cameron Doe, Sr., (RB); Kyle Gorham, Sr., (OL/DL); Jahre Jordan, Sr., (RB)

Key newcomers: James Stout, Jr., (OL/DL); Mike Wheeler, Jr., (CB); Judea Sale, Fr., (LB)

Outlook: Coach Long says the Warriors are a young team that's looking to improve throughout the season and compete at a high level. The Warriors are small in numbers, as usual (23 out this week), and just three starters return from last year's team.

John Carroll

Head coach: Rich Stichel Jr. (third year)

2011 record: 7-4

Top returning players: Montell Martin, Sr., (RB/CB); Brandon Lewis, Sr., (QB/FS); Alex Gambrell, Sr., (K); Gus Lane, Jr., (FB/LB); Austin Markley, Sr., (WR); Garrett Porte, Sr., (WR/DE); Dan Kelble, Sr., (OL/DL); Devon Ruane, Sr., (OL/DL); Walter Roche, Sr., (RB/DB)


Key newcomers: Paul Lorick, Jr., (FB/LB); Rasheed Gillis, Jr., (RB/LB); Julian Mears, So., (OL/LB); Boomer Walton, So., (OL/DE); Andrew Reninger, Jr., (OL/DL); Chris Truitt, Jr., (OL/DL)

Outlook: The Patriots will again look to be in the title hunt for the MIAA B conference championship. Last year they made the inaugural playoffs losing to eventual champion AACS. The offense returns nine of 11 starters from a year ago and is poised to put up big numbers. The defense returns four starters and will look to fill the rest of the starting positions with JV players from last year. The Patriots' kicking game will also be a weapon this year as kicker Gambrell will have the ability to put the ball in the end zone on kickoffs and make field goals from 50 yards and beyond. According to Coach Stichel, this will be his most experienced team in his three-year tenure at John Carroll.


Head coach: John Horgan (first year)

2011 record: 5-5

Top returning players: Chris Coward, Jr., (RB/DB); David Moore, Jr., (RB/DB); Dylan Nicodemus, Sr., (FB/LB)

Key newcomers: Kenny Baroch, So., (QB/LB); Montrey McKnight, Jr., (TE/DE); Austin O'Dell, So., (QB/LB)

Outlook: Coming off one of their more pedestrian seasons in the last decade, this year's Mariners, headed by first-year coach John Horgan, have a strong core of returning players, and are looking to limit their opponents' offensive output. "We have six starters back," Horgan, who took over for departing Mariners' chief Bill Waibel, said. "We will be an improved team defensively."

North Harford

Head coach: Ken Brinkman (12th year)

2011 record: 9-3

Top returning players: Nick Tittle, Sr., (WR/CB); Nic Hammer, Jr., (QB); Ryan Feiss, Jr., (RB/FS); Tyler Campbell, Sr., (RB/OLB); Chris King, Sr., (K/P); Josh Welsh, Sr., (RB/CB); Jake Hughes, Jr., (FB/MLB); Tyler Ayers, Sr., (G/DT); Dustin Beall, Sr., (T/DT); Eric Bayer, Sr., (RB/OLB); Sean Jackson, Sr., (WR/ILB); Andrew Siegel, Jr., (WR/CB); Logan Kopeck, Sr., (WR/CB); Frank Kozlowski, Sr., (G/DT)

Key newcomers: Brian Davis, Sr., (RB/SS); Scott Angstadt, So., (RB/SS); Jack Schrof, So., (T/DT); Brian Albrecht, So., (C/MLB); Zach Edwards, Jr., (FB/MLB); Richie Greene, Jr., (WR/CB); Colton Geiger, So., (WR/CB); Austin Bartenfelder, Jr., (SB/OLB)

Outlook: Coach Brinkman says the strength of this year's team will be the athletes and skill positions. "Most of our defense is back and we made some position changes to get more fast-athletic players on the field at one time," Brinkman said. "The biggest loss for us is on our offensive and defensive lines. We were hit with graduation hard, and if we can find five to eight guys who can be productive on Friday nights, we should be able to compete again."

Patterson Mill

Head coach: Josh Mason (sixth year)

2011 record: 9-2

Top returning players: Dan Cardwell, Sr., (RB/LB); Zach Dorn, Sr., (WR/DB); Luke Depasquale, Sr., (QB/DB); Devinn Fisher, Jr., (RB/DB); Alex Hollingshead, Jr., (OL/DL); Alex Hudak, Jr., (OL/DL); Ryan Jacobs, Sr., (WR/DB); Chris Livingston, Sr., (OL/LB); Griffin Marge, Sr., (OL/LB); Jake Martin, Sr., (OL/DL); Trent Olszewski, Sr., (WR/LB); Tyler Oppel, Sr., (RB/LB); Mike Reed, Sr., (WR/DB); Essa Rizkallah, Sr., (OL/DL)

Key newcomers: A.J. Brocato, Jr., (WR/DB); Kynarvis Clark, Sr., (RB/DB); Mark Reuter, Jr., (OL/DL)

Outlook: A 9-1 regular season record is usually more than enough to earn a football team an UCBAC divisional title, but, unfortunately for the Huskies, they were playing in the same division as Perryville, which took the Susquehanna crown in 2011 with a 10-0 mark. This year, the Huskies are armed to the teeth, sporting eight offensive starters and eight defensive starters from last year's squad. With one of the UCBAC's largest returning talent pools, and with two straight playoff berths under their belts, the Huskies will be this season's Susquehanna Division front runners. [This is] a very experienced team which hopes to push for the Susquehanna title, and make the playoffs for the third straight year," Huskies' Coach Josh Mason said.