The 2011 Harford County field hockey preview


Head coach: Nicole Andriano (first season)


2010 record: NA (Not available)

Top returning players: Hannah Clip, Sr. (F); Lucy Daghir, Sr. (M); Isobel Hawes, So. (M, F); Laurice McMillan, Sr. (F); Natalie Rymarz, Jr. (D); Ginger Williams, Jr. (M, D)

Key newcomers: Aria Real, Jr. (M, D)

Outlook: "The program has expanded to include a junior varsity team this season," rookie head coach Andriano explained, "The coaching staff is excited to work with our new players, with the opportunity to have a junior varsity team. We are anticipating a successful season, and the continuation of a growing program."

Bel Air

Head coach: Phyllis Hemmes (42nd season)

2010 record: 11-4

Top returning players: Erika Armetta, Sr. (M); Karley Bridges, Sr. (M); Emily Gryglewski, Sr. (A); Kelsey Jenkens, Sr. (M)


Key newcomers: Taylor Burrier, Jr. (A); Taylor Gillis, Jr. (D); Connor Hanley, Jr. (D); Hayley Krause, Sr. (D); Meghan Mingioni, Jr. (GK); Sara Teesdale, Jr. (A)

Outlook: Veteran skipper Hemmes said simply that the 2011 Bobcats are attempting to rebuild a depleted defense, and that they hope to be competitive in the UCBAC's Susquehanna (lower) Division this year.

C. Milton Wright

Head coach: Jana Thomas (first season)

2010 record: 6-5-1

Top returning players: Julia DiCara, Sr. (GK); Katie Gallagher, Sr. (D); Maggie Gallagher, So. (D); Danielle King, Sr. (F); Brooke Williams, Jr. (F)


Key newcomers: Emily Jachelski, Jr. (M); Sabrina Rhodes, Fr. (M); Sandy Zvitkovitz, Jr. (D)

Outlook: "This season we have five returning starters from last year's team who are leading the team," first-year skipper Thomas said. "Everyone has been working hard on the fundamentals and connecting with each other on the field. Each game the team plays, they get stronger as a unit and make the necessary adjustments. The players are mostly looking forward to competing against our county rivals."


Head coach: Carolyn Wiland

2010 record: NA

Top returning players: NA

Key newcomers: NA

Outlook: The Edgewood coaching staff did not supply information for this preview.


Head coach: Megan Grant (third season)

2010 record: 13-5

Top returning players: Jenna Mosketti, Sr. (M); Lindsay Summers, Jr. (M); Christina Wright, Sr. (D)

Key newcomers: NA

Outlook: After failing to make it to the state title game in 2010 following a string of three straight Maryland championships, the most successful team in Harford County high school sports will definitely be gunning for another deep run into the playoffs, and to retake its UCBAC crown.

"We are returning seven starters from last season," coach Grant said. "The seniors are strong, and the team is working hard, and looking forward to the start of the season."

Harford Christian

Head coach: Cheri Lefever (sixth season)

2010 record: 5-7

Top returning players: Brianna Coleman, Sr. (M); Brooke Cullum, Sr. (M); Bethany Edwards, Sr. (D); Leah Edwards, Jr. (A); Cady Farrish, Sr. (GK); Emily Stricklin, Sr. (D); Jordan Thacker, Sr. (A); Stephanie Tittel, So. (A)

Key newcomers: Lissette Druyor, Fr. (A); Sue Edwards, Fr. (M); Annie Henderson, Jr. (A, M).

Outlook: "Having lost only three seniors from last year, this year's team is strong in numbers," coach Lefever said. "Six seniors and one junior will provide experience to the team, while the large number of freshmen and sophomores will give energy. Despite the age difference, the team has already shown that they can work well together on the field, and during difficult practices. The team is expected to come back from a sub-par season last year to have a winning season this year."

Harford Tech

Head coach: Amanda Warner (second season)

2010 record: 4-9

Top returning players: Marisa Braungart, Sr. (M); Tyler Bethke, So. (A); Lyndsey Endlich, Jr. (A); Brooke Fullem, Jr. (D); Morgan Workman, Sr. (M)

Key newcomers: Brittany Kapustensky, Fr. (D); Larque Puffenbarger, Fr. (D)

Outlook: "We lost only three seniors last year," coach Warner said. "We have eight returning starters. Lyndsey Endlich and Tyler Bethke will be an unstoppable force on the front line, and have the ability to score lots of goals. Marisa Braungart and Morgan Workman have the speed and the skill in the midfield to help transition the ball to the front line from defense."

Havre de Grace

Head coach: Gretchen Repaal (second season)

2010 record: 0-12

Top returning players: Taylor Clark-Hartman, So. (A); Taylor Edwards, Sr. (A); Haley Stewart, So. (A)

Key newcomers: Martine Ianniello, So. (D); Taylor Smith, Fr. (GK);

Outlook: There's nowhere to go but up for the Warriors, who went winless in 2010

"Again, we have a very young team, but we are working together well," coach Repaal said. "This season we expect to break the losing streak of the past, and will have a very successful season."

John Carroll

Head coach: Courtney Carnaggio (first season)

2010 record: 13-3

Top returning players: Halea Blair, Sr. (D); Lauren Cook, Sr. (A); Erin Cullinan, Sr. (M); Olivia Dunbar, Sr. (M); Maria Edwards, Sr. (A); Claire Hoffman, Sr. (D); Sarah Kearby, Sr. (A); Jessica Krolewski, Sr. (GK); Colleen Zulty, Sr. (D)

Key newcomers: Lindsay Kraus, So. (A)

Outlook: The 2011 Patriots have varsity experience to burn, with a large group of returning seniors on this year's roster.

"We have a core group of seniors who have stepped up to lead the team," coach Carnaggio said. "All the girls motivate each other on and off the field. The girls always put a positive spin on any outcome of a game. Our goal is to get to the IAAM championship game again this year and win it. As a coach, it's a privilege to be with such a wonderful group of young women at my alma mater. We are all very excited to see what the season holds."


Head coach: Stella Kalambihis (second season)


2010 record: 4-6

Top returning players: Catie Cortez, Jr. (D); April Kinyua, Jr. (GK); Ashley Martinez, So, (M); Christina Miller, Jr. (D); Julie Sands, Sr. (A, M); Rodneisha Scott, So. (A)

Key newcomers: Katelyn Fabie, Jr. (A); Chelsey Tarnowski, Jr. (M)

Outlook: "We continue to field a young team, with only one returning senior," coach Kalambihis said. "We have a team of young talent eager to earn playing time. We may be young, but there is a great deal of speed and talent. Though we had a losing season in 2010, we went into double-overtime on three occasions, losing two of three. We hope to finish games during regulation and get the wins this season."

North Harford

Head coach: Katie Cox (third season)

2010 record: 10-6

Top returning players: Emily Eline, Sr. (M, D); Kara Parks, Jr. (F); Maddie Price, Jr. (D); Rebecca Rinaca, Jr. (F)

Key newcomers: Melissa Doering, Sr. (D); Hailey Ensor, So. (A); Abby Phillips, Jr. (GK)

Outlook: After winning the 3A North title and making it to the state finals last year, the Hawks are geared up for another successful campaign in 2011

"I am very optimistic and excited for this season, coming off of our trip to the state final game," coach Cox said. "That was such an awesome experience for our team, and it really fostered a lot of confidence and excitement moving into this season. Although we lost most of our starting defense, our second string from last year has stepped right in and is carrying out what needs to be done seamlessly."

Patterson Mill

Head coach: Shannon Troyer (fifth season)

2010 record: 12-2-2

Top returning players: Ronelle Bautista, Jr. (M); Christina Claypool, Jr. (M); Emily Keesling, Sr. (A); Katie Meek, Jr. (M); Lauren West, Sr. (D)

Key newcomers: Linnea Gonzales, Jr. (A); Maddie Herick, So. (GK)

Outlook: The 1A state runners up and reigning UCBAC champs will be just as tough this season as they were in 2010.

"With seven returning seniors, we have a lot of experience on the field," coach Troyer said. "The team unity is excellent this year, and the girls are extremely excited for the season to start."