C. Milton Wright

Head coach: Janice Rhodes (first year)


2011 record: 10-3

Top returning players: Sabrina Rhodes, So., (Midfielder): Maggie Gallagher, Jr., (Midfielder); Emily Jachelski, Sr., (Midfielder); Brooke Williams, Sr., (Midfielder)

Key newcomers: Jenny Eckert, Jr., (Attack); Haley Matthai, So., (Attack)

Outlook: "We will have four returning starters, two of which are seniors," coach Rhodes said. "These "core-four" are an extremely strong group of talented players and form the nucleus of CMW's team this year." With only four starting returners, we will not have the same level of experience on the field that the Mustangs had last year. "We are a young team comprised of primarily sophomores and juniors (six sophomores and 10 juniors)," Rhodes said. "Although we are a young team, we have a lot of individual talent. My goal is to successfully transform this group of individual talent into a single, cohesive, synergistic team. Team building, trust and confidence among the players will be the key to our success. These are characteristics that are still forming and I am very optimistic this team will get there."


Head coach: Carolyn Wiland (11th year)

2011 record: 3-9

Top returning players: Meagan Jorge, Jr., (Midfield); Rachel Auth, Sr., (Midfield); Kara Andrews, Sr., (Midfield); Morgan Williams, Sr., (Midfield)

Key newcomers: Nicole Brundridge, Jr., (Forward); Mosetta Holmes, Jr., (Midfield); Lissette Yeargain, Jr., (Goalie)

Outlook: "This is our second year with a JV squad after four years without, so we are still a growing program," coach Wiland said. "We have a strong midfield and every day the girls are getting better and more aggressive. The goal this year for the team is to finish with a winning record."


Head coach: Maddie Palko (first year)

2011 record: 14-2 losses

Top returning players: Dani McDiarmid, (Attack); Nicole McDiarmid, (Midfield); Lindsay Summers, (Midfield); Marisa Perfetti, (Midfield); Sarah DiMaggio, (Goalie); Kristina Baker, (Goalie); Stephanie Appel, (Attack); Bailey Graf, (Attack); Dana Katzenberger, (Attack); Alicia King (Attack): Rebekah Scranton (Midfield); Jen Delvecchio, (Defense)


Key newcomers: Becky Street, (Midfield); Tara Wheeler, (Midfield); Sydney Fox, (Midfield); Karlie Abbott, (Defense); Emily Flanagan, (Defense), Gabby Hopp, (Defense); Madison Hurlburt, (Defense); Jenna Caldwell, (Attack); Elizabeth Hebert, (Attack); Bailey Lippa, (Attack); Hannah Sample, (Attack); Kayla Solomon (Goalie)

Outlook: "After winning states last year, we realized that we were going to come into this season with a target on our backs," coach Palko said. The Cougars have a lot of amazing players returning, like Lindsay Summers and Nicole McDiarmid in the midfield and Dani McDiarmid and Marisa Perfetti on attack. "The hard thing about this team isn't going to be to find the talent, the talent is there. We'll just need to figure out where to put it to have the most talented team we possibly can," Palko said. "Our goal is about being the best team we can be, and trying to get better each time we step on the field. The competition is going to be very good this year and county rivalries always make for intense games, but right now I don't want the girls to worry about that. I want them to just do their best and remember ultimately they play field hockey because they love the game."

Harford Christian

Head coach: Cheri Lefever: (seventh year)

2011 record: 6-7

Top returning players: Leah Edwards, Sr., (Attack); Stephanie Tittel, Jr., (Attack); Lisette Druyor, So., (Attack); Sara Forcey, So., (Defense); Annie Henderson, So., (Attack)

Key newcomers: Nicole Neidhardt, Jr., (Attack); Chelsea Dawson, Jr., (Defense)

Outlook: Harford Christian has a uniquely small group of girls who are committed to playing hockey this season, which will make playing a challenging schedule more difficult. Coach Lefever is anticipating that this year's returning players will step up to fill the spots left open by last year's six graduating seniors. The team has been practicing with a lot of energy and the coaching staff expects that to carry through the season.

Harford Tech

Head coach: Amanda Warner (third year)

2011 record: 9-5-1

Top returning players: Lyndsey Endlich, Sr., (Attack); Tyler Bethke, Jr., (Attack); Brittany Mullen-Kapustensky, So., (Defense/Midfield); Brooke Fullem, Sr., (Midfield); Hannah Soellner, Jr., (Defense)

Key newcomers: Gillian Chase, Fr., (Defense); Lexie Endlich, Fr., (Defense); Courtney Poole, Fr., (Midfield)

Outlook: This year we have a young team and it will be a rebuilding year, coach Warner said. The Cobras have leadership on the front line with Endlich and Bethke. Both have speed and stick work and between them, accounted for more than half of all goals scored last season. Defense will be strong this year, anchored by Mullen-Kapustensky and Soellner.

Havre de Grace

Head coach: Chelsea Loveland (first year)

2011 record: 0-12

Top returning players: Colleen McCormick, Jr., (Right wing); Kaitlyn DiGiovanni, Jr., (Right forward); Taylor Clark-Hartman, Jr., (Left forward); Haley Stewart, Jr., (Center midfield); Hannah Lynch, Sr., (Sweeper); Sabrina Thomas, So., (Left fullback); Taylor Smith, So., (Goalie); Allison Deal, Jr., (Left wing, utility)

Key newcomers: Joy Mullins, So., (Goalie, utility); Kateri Peters, So., (Left wing); Leah Duncan, Fr., (Right midfield)

Outlook: The goal this year is just to win one game since it's been many years since the Warriors last won any.

John Carroll

Head coach: Cortney Carnaggio (second year)

2011 record: 5-10

Top returning players: Caroline Haggerty, Sr., (Forward); Allison Kozel, Sr., (Midfield); Lindsay Kraus, Jr., (Forward); Katherine Langrehr, Sr., (Defense); Fiona McGann, Sr., (Forward); MacKenzie Rayburn, Sr., (Forward)

Key newcomers: Bethany Boniface, Jr., (Midfield); Samantha Carey, Fr., (Defense); Grace Richards, So., (Forward)

Outlook: The Patriots are ready to play in full force this year with a young team on board, guided by their seniors. "We hope to improve upon last season's record and look forward to a great upcoming season," coach Carnaggio said.



Head coach: Stella Kalambihis (third year)

2011 record: 5-6

Top returning players: Christina Miller, Sr., (Defense); April Kinyua, Sr., (Goalie); Ashley Martinez, Jr., (Midfield); Rodneisha Scott, Jr., (Attack); Darrisha Small, Jr., (Midfield)

Key newcomers: Deja Turner, So., (Attack)

Outlook: "We have a team that works hard and plays well together," coach Kalambihis said. "Even though we only graduated one senior last season, it made a huge impact on the team. We are looking for our juniors to help lead the team and control the field." The Mariners are working hard to improve their game. "We are looking to improve our record and be more competitive throughout the county," Kalambihis said.

North Harford

Head coach: Carla Harward (first year)

2011 record: 9-7

Top returning players: Kara Parks, Sr., (Forward); Becca Rinaca, Sr.., (Forward); Maddy Dolinar, Sr., (Forward); Audrey Byrd, Sr., (Midfield); Katie Owens, Sr., (Midfield); Sarah Warczynski, Sr., (Defense); Maddie Price, Sr., (Defense); Claire Matta, Sr., (Defense); Haley Ensor, Jr., (Forward); Abby Phillips, Sr., (Goalie)

Key newcomers: Juliet Dolinar, Jr., (Forward); Bailey Saneman, Jr., (Midfield/Defense); Sophie Crowther, Jr., (Forward); Rachel Baca, Jr., (Midfield); Julianne Caughron, Jr., (Defense); Ellie Berrell, Jr., (Defense); Jess Hart, Jr., (Goalie)

Outlook: "We have a core group of senior leaders who are all returning starters from last year's 3A state semifinalist team," coach Harward said, adding, "The team possesses speed and experience on the front line as well as depth on the bench, and experience on the defense. With a challenging schedule ahead, we hope to improve with every game in order to prepare for post season play."

Patterson Mill

Head coach: Shannon Swinscoe (sixth year)

2011 record: 11-5

Top returning players: Linnea Gonzales, So., (Midfield); Katie Meek, Sr., (Midfield); Ronelle Bautista, Sr., (Midfield); Christina Claypool, Sr., (Defense); Mariel Castronova, Jr., (Offense); Maddie Hedrick, Jr., (Goalie)

Key newcomers: NA

Outlook: With 11 girls returning to varsity, even though just five are seniors, the Huskies have more experience, coach Swinscoe said, adding, "We trust each other more and our passing game has improved. The girls are dedicated and united and my expectations are set high at what this group of girls can accomplish this year."