Sign up for CPR courses and save a life like Dave Williams did

Too frequently in recent months and years, mishaps involving water and children have ended in tragedy.

Water and kids go together, especially at this time of year, like burgers and fries. Kids are hot, the water's cool. Kids are bored, the water's fun.

Just about every day, kids are at pools or enjoying themselves along the banks of our many waterways, and often the only consequence is a good time. This is great, but from time to time, the dangers of water are revealed.

This happened last Wednesday at a home pool in Dublin, where a 6-year-old girl in distress was quickly pulled from the water.

According to Dave Williams, spokesman for the Harford County Volunteer Fire and EMS Association, CPR was begun at once and someone called 911. By the time emergency crews arrived, the girl was conscious.

She was flown to a Baltimore trauma center and was doing well by the next day.

As for the actions of the people who were at the scene and had the knowledge and calmness to start CPR, Williams said: "It looks like that made all the difference in this girl's survival."

Courses in CPR and related life-saving techniques are offered through many outlets ranging from workplaces to Scouts to churches and community organizations. Many of us sign up, hoping we'll never need to use them or if we are we'll be able to pull it together. Many also wonder how effective various kinds of training are.

In this instance, it turns out whatever level of training the folks in Dublin had made all the difference in the world for a girl and her family.

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