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Jarrettsville Booklovers Club celebrates 100th anniversary

Celebrating the Jarrettsville Booklovers Club 100th anniversary were, from left, Jean Cardwell, Pauline Carico, Harford County Councilman Chad Shrodes, President Carol Morrow and Secretary/Treasurer Nancy Berigtold.

The Jarrettsville Booklovers Club celebrated its 100th anniversary on Saturday, Nov. 2 at the Jarrettsville library.

The club was begun in 1913 by Laura Evans, a local minister's wife. She is said to have felt that the town needed some "literary life." It was decided to limit the membership to 24 local women who would form a circulating library by passing books from member to member. The club is still limited to 24 members, however books are obtained from the Jarrettsville library. Originally meetings were held bi-weekly in members' homes, but meetings are held now once a year at the Jarrettsville branch in November. In 1913 there was much skepticism among some local men about the club lasting very long.


The club honored Pauline Carico, the oldest member who is the same age as the club - 100 years. After Carico received a standing ovation, Chad Shrodes, Harford County Council member, presented a proclamation honoring the club and its longevity.

Information about the history of the club was presented by Marianna Putnam from the book, "Jarrettsville Past and Present." Polly Winskowski read a letter written by former member Margaret Richardson. A poem written by Elizabeth Turner in 1963 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the club was read in turn by her daughter, Nancy Berigtold, her niece, Mary Ellen Reeves, and by her great-niece, Juliet Bowman. Mary Lee Swift sang and played a song she had written for the occasion. Book reviews and other readings were then given.