Bel Air jewelry designer to have pieces given to celebs at Emmys

The annual Primetime Emmy Awards is a good place to catch a glimpse of beloved TV stars, the latest fashion trends and, hopefully, see your favorite show rake in those golden statues.

Julie Ter Borg, a mom and a Bel Air resident, will be tuning in Sunday night for one more reason: to see if anyone walking the red carpet is wearing her handcrafted jewelry.


The C. Milton Wright High School graduate creates earrings, necklaces and bracelets for her jewelry design company - Julie Ellyn Designs - and, as a part of artist collective The Artisan Group, was chosen to have her pieces included in gift bags handed out at the Primetime Emmys Celebrity Gift Lounge Friday and Saturday.

"I'm excited and nervous," Ter Borg, 36, said. "It's such an amazing opportunity, the greatest opportunity I've had thus far with my small business."

About 10 years ago, the designer decided to make jewelry for friends and family just as a hobby. In the last five years, she began to focus on turning the hobby into a business.

"It was a slow process," Ter Borg explained. "Just people really liking the gifts that I gave them and wanting to purchase the items for friends and family."

She opened an online shop,, and this past summer Ter Borg joined The Artisan group, a collaborative of various artists who work together promoting their items, often to celebrities, their stylists and managers.

The trick to that, Ter Borg said, is that these items are "gifted" at a cost to the artists. The hope is that these pieces are showcased on TV shows, red carpet events or celebrities are photographed wearing the artists' designs.

So far, Ter Borg has been able to get her jewelry on the necks, wrists and ears of some very famous faces, such as celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis, actress Amanda Seyfried and "Bachelorette" star Trista Rehn Sutter.

Sutter liked the bracelet and earrings Ter Borg made so much that she reached out to her on Twitter.

Recently, the stylist to one of the stars of "Pretty Little Liars" fell in love with Ter Borg's jewelry and was given several items, including a gemstone cuff bracelet.

"As the season progresses," she said, "we'll know if they're worn on an episode. Fingers crossed."

Despite the high profile plugs, Ter Borg said the business "ebbs and flows" because of the economic downturn.

"It was a difficult time last year," she said, "but this year is picking up as I promote. The more active I am the more visible my designs are."

Every gift bag given out by The Artisan Group at the Emmys Gift Lounge this weekend will have a pair of her earrings, and a few of her pieces will be showcased, as well.

Ter Borg won't be there to see the celebrities, but she said she'd be receiving photos taken of anyone trying on her pieces.


"Even if a man tried on my necklace I think it would be hilarious," she joked. If she had her pick, though, Ter Borg would love to see any of the stars from "Glee" — "it's a cute show and it would fit the jewelry aesthetic," she said — or "30 Rock" try on her stuff. "It would just be exciting [to see] anyone," she added.

She's excited to see where this event takes her business and if it's worthwhile putting her items out into the public eye.

"If a celebrity chooses to wear my designs, of course that would be fabulous," Ter Borg said. "If I see a celebrity wearing an item of course it makes it more attractive."

Surprisingly, Ter Borg still considers her business a hobby and works full-time as a scientist who does contract work.

She also raises two little girls, coaches the kids' soccer teams along with her husband and has another online shop,, selling handmade felt kids toys.

Whether a famous face is seen with her jewelry, Ter Borg is still branching out and has begun selling her jewelry and felt items at the Maryland School of Ballet and Modern Dance studio show on Main Street.

"I don't sleep much," Ter Borg said, laughing. "I'm trying to do it all."