As you may have noticed, I get excited when seasons change. Through these columns, I've written about the start of winter, the beginning of spring and now, summer.

I know we didn't have much of a winter or a spring season, for that matter. Do we ever in Maryland?


Even so, that does not ruin my excitement for summer. It isn't entirely because John and I plan on going to Ocean City, although vacation plays a big part in it.

I'm pumped for everything.

We went out on my dad's boat for the first time of the season on Memorial Day and, yes, I swam in the dirty water of the Susquehanna River.

And no, John did not lose his wedding band in the water like he did last year, which is unfortunate because I really don't like his replacement ring all that much.

Although you can technically have cookouts year-round, who really wants to get together in the cold weather? I love sitting with my family at a picnic table, eating burgers and later roasting marshmallows over the fire.

Sometimes, the indoor grill and microwaved s'mores just don't cut it compared to the real thing. Now that I've started on a food train of thought, I just have to throw it in.

If you read my column last year, you may remember that I have a slight obsession with Polish Water Ice...and steamed crabs. I was able to get my crab fix at times during the winter, but an Ocean City vacation basically guarantees at least one all-you-can-eat crab restaurant.

Ocean City also means more Polish Water Ice. I think I do fairly well with that obsession, given that I only get it a couple times a year, whenever we head out to the beach.

In fact, the summer of our wedding we skipped Ocean City in favor of a honeymoon cruise so I didn't get Polish Water Ice at all. Unfortunately, John did not give in to my day trip idea that year.

He also hasn't completely signed off on my twice-a-day Polish Water Ice proposal for this summer, you know, to make up for lost time.

We still have a month or two to go though and I think, especially because I called him out in a column, I may be able to change his mind.

I'm not entirely fixated on the food aspect of Ocean City, however. I'm pretty excited for sitting on the beach, swimming in the ocean and other activities.

I am open to more ideas, by the way, especially if they involve Assateague Island. Hint, hint, John.

When we were younger, my parents would take my sisters and I to Chincoteague Island, favoring the more family oriented pace and atmosphere.


There were also some trips to Assateague Island during those vacations and I can't quite remember them the way I used to. Plus, John has never been.

Not all of my plans for this summer involve going places and eating things, some of them are much more laid back and relaxing.

One of my favorite things to do once it gets warm outside is to just sit outside and read, or write, or really not do anything at all.

Not that I don't appreciate it during the fall or winter seasons, but it is a lot easier to sit in the backyard, barefoot and stare at the sky and enjoy the Lord's creation when it's 80 degrees outside.