Health department works with water company to solve issues

As taken from the pages of The Aegis dated Thursday, February 21, 1963:

The Harford County Health Department met with the Maryland Water Works Company in an attempt to find solutions to the turbidity, taste and odor problems with the Bel Air water supply. Particularly troublesome has been the muddy looking water at times. This was caused by failure to add clarifying chemicals at the water filtration plant. An engineer had been assigned to the Bel Air filtration plant to devise changes in the operating procedures and chemical facilities so that water would be adequately clarified in the future.


Construction began on the $3 million research building at the U.S. Army Chemical Research and Development Laboratories at the Edgewood Arsenal. The new building would provide work areas for 140 scientists and technicians in 53 individual laboratories specially designed for advanced studies of chemical compounds and materials. The total area of the building's three story L-shaped structure would be 45,000 square feet.

Seven people were injured when three cars were involved in a rear end collision on Route 1 in Bel Air. Traffic along the four lane highway was tied up for quite a while. Maryland State Police troopers believed that a southbound car stopped in the left lane to make a sudden left turn. It was then that a second car stopped suddenly but a third car was not quick enough and hit the car in front of it, sending the middle car into the front car. All three drivers and four passengers were taken to Union Memorial Hospital for observation.


Police were in search of a man who attacked a middle-aged mother at her home in the area of Hess Road and Route 152. The woman told troopers that she was alone in her home when the doorbell rang. She went to answer the door and a young man promptly tried to overpower her. They struggled and ended up on the lawn, where the man finally overpowered and attacked her. She was able to struggle loose minutes later and ran into her home to call authorities while the man escaped on foot.

An officer was summoned off Mountain Road near Joppa by an anxious mother who said that her daughter had stopped breathing. The officer quickly called for an ambulance and immediately began administering mouth-to-mouth on the 2-year-old girl. The ambulance arrived shortly and oxygen was given to the girl and she was rushed to the Harford Memorial Hospital. Physicians said that the little girl was suffering from a cold and was choking on mucous. The officer was credited with saving the little girl's life.

The County Commissioners voted to purchase the former Aegis building facing Courtland Street, together with a small brick house fronting on Bond Street and a considerable open area of adjoining ground. The open section was paved to allow entrances to both Courtland and Bond streets, and would be used as a future parking space for people employed in the county building.

For the first time, The Aegis had a special color "pull out" section which was printed in cherry pink. This was also the first time any color newsprint besides white was used in the printing of the paper. The special section was to promote Washington's Birthday Sales at local Bel Air businesses. The special section could be "pulled out" and taken to town by shoppers who wanted to be sure to get the items offered for sale during the special three day event.

Jeanie Rhian, a senior at Bel Air Senior High School, won the Homemaker of Tomorrow county contest, making her eligible to move to the State Homemaker of Tomorrow contest. Rhian tested highest on her knowledge, attitude and her ability as a homemaker. If she was chosen as the State Homemaker of Tomorrow, Rhian would be awarded a $1,500 scholarship by General Mills, the sponsor of the program. The school of each state winner would receive a complete set of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Accompanied by her school advisor, the state winner would get an all expense paid tour of New York City, Washington, D.C., and Colonial Williamsburg and a chance to compete in the All-American Homemaker of Tomorrow contest. The winner of the All-American Homemaker of Tomorrow would have her scholarship raised to $5,000.

At the Bel Air Theatre, "Gypsy" was playing, starring Rosalind Russell, Natalie Wood and Karl Malden.