From The Aegis dated Dec. 24, 1987:

It was the last issue before Christmas, and The Aegis was wishing its readers happy holidays 25 years ago.


"Perhaps it was the sight of the first snowfall of the winter; or a visit to the Oak Grove Baptist Church's Living Christmas Tree; or hearing Christmas music over your favorite radio station; or look at the commercial displays which abound; or sharing the anticipation being felt by a youngster in your family. Whatever, it seems that after all of the scurrying about, we are now just about ready for Christmas...

"...Christmastime is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, someone who sought to restore sanity and stability into our world. It is a time to enjoy giving, not receiving. It is a time for family and friends. For good deeds and kind thoughts and vows to spend more of the year in such a mood.

"It is a time to enjoy and to relish, particularly for young people. It is a time to wish our friends, especially our readers, a very Merry Christmas."

Signs of the Christmas frenzy were all over Bel Air 25 years ago. An aerial view of the new Route 24 and Baltimore Pike intersection showed a jam-packed Harford Mall and nearby shopping centers. The roads themselves, however, didn't look to bad, though drivers said Boulton Street was bumper to bumper.

At the Bel Air Post Office, nearly 75,000 pieces of mail were going through its doors daily, and 3,750 pieces of that mail originated daily in Harford County.

In non-Christmas news from a quarter century ago, Harford County Council President John W. Hardwicke was the leading candidate for a Federal District Court judgeship, a position he had "long coveted."

Hardwicke, who was up against two Baltimore lawyers, had the support of several "influential state Republicans" who dropped their support for a Baltimore County district court judge, making him a front-runner for the job.

Hardwicke, who had said his chances of being named to the position were slim, planned to seek appointment to the vacant seat on the Harford Circuit Court, but when it became clear Judge Robert Gerstung may not be appointed, Hardwicke didn't bother to apply in the local process.

Harford Community College was determined, by a "blue ribbon" committee, as the best site for a school central administration building.

The committee had considered several factors and more than a dozen potential sites, but ultimately chose the HCC campus because of the availability of utilities, transportation, the impact on surrounding communities, available parking and other factors.

Residents in Havre de Grace Heights brought a petition signed by 38 residents to the mayor and city council 25 years ago opposing the annexation of their neighborhood.

The community was between the western city limits and a 148-acre tract on Route 155, which also had been proposed for annexation.

The residents said they were concerned about the impact on traffic, schools, utilities and the quality of life if the nearby parcel were developed at its proposed density, 336 single-family homes and 200 cluster homes. The neighborhood would be known as Bayview Estates.

Gov. William Donald Schaefer told a group of reporters 25 years ago he was committed to changing the judicial nominating system, especially after he smelled "the aroma of politics" in the recent process for naming a judge to Harford Circuit Court.


"We need a group who will be non-partisan – I don't like politically screened candidates," Schaefer said during an interview with reporters.