From The Aegis dated Nov. 5, 1987:

The $29 million Waste to Energy plant, which in 2012 is nearing the end of its useful life, was brand new 25 year ago this week, when it was being prepared to go into operation.


The incinerator was to be fueled by oil for at least the first three days, but trash was to be gradually added to the furnaces. Initially, 20 to 30 tons of trash a day were planned to be burned at the plant off Route 152 at Aberdeen Proving Ground. The amount would eventually be increased to 360 tons a day.

Harford County was generating 400 tons of trash a week 25 years ago.

The trash burned at the incinerator was to help make about 90,000 pounds of steam an hour, much of which was to be sold to the Army to heat the Edgewood area of the post. It was expected the Army would buy about 400 million pounds a year, saving an estimated 3.5 million gallons of oil.

Gov. William Donald Schaefer took an eight-hour tour of Harford County 25 years ago this week, much to the delight of local elected officials. He spent eight hours visiting Aberdeen, Bel Air and Havre de Grace.

After his visit, according to The Aegis, "All agreed: Gov. Schaefer is a charming, vibrant man who can get things done."

"It has absolutely been all high points, all day long. He is so upbeat and so energetic," State Sen. Catherine I. Riley said at the governor's farewell press conference at Aberdeen Town Hall.

"He is the biggest damn cheerleader I have ever seen; he was exuberant and bubbly all day long," County Councilman G. Edward Fielder said. "There are a lot of things in this county to be excited about, but it's a lot nicer having someone so high up say it."

Some of the other news from Harford wasn't as good 25 years ago, when a student was killed in her apartment and another man died of stab wounds inflicted allegedly by his estranged wife's friend.

A 1985 graduate of Joppatowne High School and student at Harford Community College, Dawn Marie Garvin, was shot and killed in her White Marsh apartment 25 years ago this week.

Mrs. Garvin, who was found by her father, suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the head. Her father had been asked to check on his daughter after her husband, who was stationed with the Navy in Norfolk, Va., couldn't reach her.

Police had no leads in Mrs. Garvin's death. "At this point, we just have a lot of interviews and a lot of questions to ask. We don't even know exactly when it happened," the spokesman for Baltimore County Police Department said.

There was no indication that her apartment had been ransacked or that someone had forced his way in; she was sexually assaulted, however, but she didn't suffer any bruises or cuts.

A 38-year-old man turned himself into police 25 years ago, allegedly after killing the estranged husband of his friend.

Ronald Claude Taylor, 33, of Edgewood, died of multiple stab wounds caused by a pocket-knife after getting into a fight with the 38-year-old Bel Air man.


The incident happened outside an Abingdon home where a Boy Scout troop was meeting and Mr. Taylor's son was inside. Mr. Taylor's wife had asked her friend to pick up their son. She did not expect her estranged husband to be there. The two men got in a fight that led to the stabbing.

President Abraham Lincoln, AKA James Getty, told students at Homestead-Wakefield Elementary 25 years ago about his experiences as a youth, learning to read and becoming a responsible adult, as well as his role in the Civil War. The school's Parents and Teachers Association sponsored his visit.

Ten women were vying for the title of Miss Harford Teen 25 years ago. They included Paula Hammons, a junior at Aberdeen High; Angel Brengle of Havre de Grace, a senior at Spirit and Life Christian Academy; Sueann Woody of Abingdon, a freshman at Bel Air High; Maryann Woody, of Abingdon, a senior at C. Milton Wright High; Lanelle Nolen, a freshman at Havre de Grace High; Christina Hunt of Forest Hill, a senior at C. Milton Wright; Karen Waynick of Street, a senior at North Harford High; Tiffany Brody of Bel Air, a junior at C. Milton Wright; Jill Salkowski of Kingsville, a senior at John Carroll; and Becky Ann Borkowski of Forest Hill, a senior at C. Milton Wright.