From The Aegis dated Oct. 8, 1987:

The public school system was making the news 25 years ago, when SAT scores were up significantly from 1986 and the annual school calendar failed to note the Christian holidays.


The 1,958 students in the Class of 1987 who took the SATs the year before scored an average of 445 on the verbal section and 476 on the math portion; both were out of a possible 800 points. Those scores were seven points higher than the 438 in verbal and seven points higher than the 469 average math scores for a year earlier.

The results, school officials said, were even more impressive because more students took the test in 1987 than did in 1986. Typically, they said, when more students take the test, the aggregate score goes down.

Also in 1987, some Aberdeen parents were upset about the lack of recognition of Christian holidays on the school calendars distributed to the 20,000 households that had students in public schools.

Rather than call them the "Christmas holidays" on the calendar, the days off between Christmas and New Year's were called the "Mid-Year Holidays," which rankled at least one Aberdeen woman who was trying to rally support to have it changed back. What angered them even more was that even though Christmas and Easter were not noted, the Jewish holidays, such as Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah were.

"I was shocked – it was like a slap inthe face," Lee Fleming, who had two children at Roye-Williams Elementary and one each in Aberdeen Middle and High schools, said. "It's not that I'm a religious zealot, but I don't think it's inappropriate that there be the one faith listed and not the others."

Albert Seymore, the school systems director of information, said it wasn't intentional to not mark the Christian holidays, rather it was the decision of the calendar committee.

On the crime front, six military police officers stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground were arrested at an Aberdeen motel after "engaging in an alleged cocaine transaction."

Very little information had been released about the investigation, including how long it had been going on and how much cocaine was confiscated. What police did say was that the drug activity was not linked to the 523rd Military Police Company based at APG.

"There is nothing here that would show this is a drug ring or anything derogatory about the MPs," Chuck Coleman, head of the criminal investigation division on post, said.

Only one person, a private from Michigan, had been charged to date.

Two police dogs helped quell nearly a dozen unruly inmates 25 years ago at the Harford County Detention Center.

The 10 inmates brandishing homemade weapons, refused to return to their cells and were at a standoff with guards for 3.5 hours.

The ruckus was caused by two inmates in a maximum security cell who were unhappy with their evening meal and got the other eight inmates on their cellblock to join them in protest. Sheriff's office officials called the incident "minor and isolated."

A Joppatowne man was arrested 25 years ago on drinking and driving charges after he dropped off at Fallston General Hospital a pedestrian he had hit. After that, police said, the 27-year-old fled the emergency room to avoid being arrested. The patient had a broken leg and some cuts.


The man was found about 10 minutes later near Routes 152 and 40 in Joppa.

Eighteen people submitted applications to fill the vacancy being left by the retirement of Judge Brodnax Cameron on Nov. 30. They included Wilbur Wesley Bolton III, Victor K. Butanis, Nancy A. Coleman, Victor J. D'Avella, Morris C. Durham, Lester H. Feinberg, Florio N. Franetovich, Michael C. Hickey Jr., Gary P. Jordan, Charles B. Keenan Jr., John E. Kelly, Edward J. Lilly, Jon H. Livezey, Stuart J. Robinson, Steven J. Scheinin, Stephen M. Waldron, Sandra L. Warner and Christian B. Wilson.

Kmart was holding a clearance sale on shoes 25 years ago this week, with athletic shoes by MacGregor on sale for $10, women's ankle-high boots for $8 and women's step-ins, fashion booties and sporty casuals for $6.

Bauguess furniture, with stores in Aberdeen and Bel Air, was selling a "honey pine finish loft bed and 5-drawer chest" for $333, black lacquer tables for $55, a lighted and mirrored back china cabinet or a table and four chairs for $444 and a velvet floral print couch for $333.