From The Aegis dated June 30, 1988:

Three longtime civilian employees at Aberdeen Proving Ground were indicted 25 years ago this week on charges they were "willful" and "deliberate" in the release of hazardous chemicals into the environment.


Three men, two from Baltimore and one from Darlington, were facing four counts of illegal treatment, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes and a single count of water pollution for alleged offenses that occurred between June 1983 and August 1986 in the Edgewood area of the post.

According to the indictment, the men had a specific set of procedures they were supposed to follow when disposing of the hazardous wastes produced on-site.

The end of June meant the annual Fourth of July celebrations were on the horizon in Harford County, where four area parades were planned, three with fireworks displays.

They were expected to draw thousands of people spectators.

Havre de Grace was hosting the annual carnival, parade and fireworks in the city, and Darlington was planning its regular parade and fireworks. Bel Air and Kingsville were also planning to celebrate the Fourth.

Harford County Judge Edwin H.W. Harlan was considering 25 years ago this week whether the county was financially liable for damages incurred when sheriff's deputies uprooted 250 suspected marijuana plants.

The plants, as it turned out, were wetland plants for a restoration project conducted by Greenspring Environmental and Contracting Inc. The plants were being stored in the development, where the contractor was working.

The plants were ripped up after a stake out Aug. 6, 1987 near Fountain Glen off Fountain Green Road. The investigation was prompted by a nearby resident who reported he saw what he believed to be marijuana growing near Fountain Green Road.

In a five-count suit, the contracting company was seeking $15,000, charging that the sheriff's office acted negligently and violated constitutional rights.

Laurel Lynn Wheeler, of Aberdeen, had a busy month - in mid-June she got a new heart to replace her diseased one, just weeks after the 18-year-old graduated with her class from Aberdeen High School.

"I feel better now than I have in a long, long time," Wheeler said.

She hoped to work with developmentally disabled children.

"America's Number One Place to Rent Movies Opens Friday In Bel Air" announced Erol's Video Club in an ad 25 years ago this week. The video rental store boasted a one-year family membership for $4.95, a $15 savings from the usual price. Customers could also buy "E.T." for $22.95.

Harrison's Paint Center on Main Street in Bel Air was holding a "Just Your Color Sale," with gallons of Fuller-O'Brien paint for $9.99 to $12.99 each.


The House of Hess restaurant was advertising it was booking for fall wedding receptions, parties, banquets, meetings or luncheons, and some summer dates were still available.

Constant Friendship, billed in its ad as "The Friendliest Place in Maryland," was advertising townhomes beginning at $75,800 from "five quality builders:" Harbor Homes, Ryland Homes, Winchester Homes, Matson Homes and Stapf Homes.