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25 years ago: Harford lawmakers oppose Ring Factory site for new school

From The Aegis dated June 25, 1987:

At least three members of Harford County's delegation to the Maryland General Assembly weren't convinced 25 years ago that the corner of West Ring Factory Road and the new Route 24 was the best site for a new elementary school.


Sen. Catherine Riley was asking the school board, which was still pondering with the superintendent the best place for the school, "You can vote it where you want it, but can you fund it?"

Riley said the proposed school isn't needed so close to the existing Homestead-Wakefield Elementary School, but admitted the State Interagency Committee for School Construction could fund the $3 million necessary to build the school without a definite site determined.


But Riley was making it clear she didn't support the site.

"We [elected officials] are supposedly entrusted with the decisions over state funding," she said. "And, unless there is something I've missed [about the school site] I will not support Ring Factor [as a site for an elementary school]."

A 15-year-old runaway from New Hampshire was killed in a crash on I-95 near Havre de Grace 25 years ago this week.

The girl, Andrea Garand, had been picked up by a tractor trailer driver from Arkansas and was with another 15-year-old girl, from Bowie, who was trapped in the sleeper part of the truck for eight hours.

The truck driver, who crashed into a sign on the interstate, was charged with possession of a handgun, possession of marijuana, driving with a suspended license and negligent driving. Other charges were pending once results of blood tests were available.

The town of Aberdeen voted at the last minute 25 years ago this week to extend its water restriction until Sept. 15.

The limits to stagger the permitted days to use water geographically began in April because the town's water supply had suffered from previous droughts.

The extension was continued because even though water levels were higher than when the ban was implemented, they weren't back to where they were.


"The water level has been much higher, historically. It isn't as high as it was five years ago," Joe Welsh, Aberdeen's engineer, said. "We're not getting enough rain and the rain we do get is too hard – it doesn't sink into the ground; it runs off."

The partially new, partially renovated Harford County Courthouse was officially dedicated 25 years ago this week "to the citizens of Harford County" and a large photograph on the front showed the state flag being raised in front of the building.

Dustin Pons, who had just graduated from John Carroll School in 1987, was interviewed, along with his teacher, Ed Miller, by members of the National Press Club about their 22-day exchange to the Soviet Union.

"I felt honored...It was a real privilege," Pons said.

The 1916 portion of Dublin Elementary School was torn down this week 25 years ago as part of the renovation/reconstruction of the school. The old boiler room plus several classroom sections will not be rebuilt, rather they will be turned into a courtyard. The Dublin school was to be air-conditioned, have a new office area and cafeteria, while the rest was to be renovated – hopefully by the end of the year.

Campus Hills Cinema was holding the grand opening of its five new theaters 25 years ago this week and in a half-page ad, gave a sneak peek at movies coming to the big screen. On the bill were "The Secret of My Success" with Michael J. Fox, "Blind Date" with Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger, "Lethal Weapon" with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover and "Dragnet" with Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks. Coming soon were "Adventures in Babysitting," "Full Metal Jacket," "Revenge of the Nerds 2," "Jaws: The Revenge" and Walt Disney's "Snow White."


Hutzler's at Harford Mall was having a "closing out" sale 25 years ago this week. Four stores were closing, including the one in Bel Air, where all merchandise was 30 to 60 percent off. "Down go the prices! Up go the values! In these four stores only!"