From The Aegis dated March 10, 1988:

In a primary in which 35 percent of Harford voters cast a ballot, Michael Dukakis and George Bush won their respective races.


Dukakis got 9,396 votes for president on the Democratic side in Harford, more than 7,000 votes ahead of the closest candidate, Jesse Jackson, who got 2,001 votes. And Republicans cast 3,770 votes from Harford.

Democratic Congressman Roy Dyson won his party's nomination in the First District, while on the Republican side, voters chose Wayne T. Gilchrest narrowly over John Vance Myers.

In the Second Congressional District, Joseph Bartenfelder won on the Democratic side and incumbent Rep. Helen Delich Bentley had no opposition.

About 425 absentee ballots were still to be counted, but weren't expected to be a factor in the races.

While the primary election was over, the Aberdeen town elections were just heating up. In the week since candidates could file to run, two had already filed and two others said they planned to run.

Board of Commissioners President George Englesson filed his candidacy, as did Evelyn "Lynn" Becker. Incumbent Edward V. Somody said he planned to run again, and retired Army Lt. Col. David Hayes said he picked up an application and planned to return it as a candidate.

State health laws were allegedly violated this week 25 years ago, when an undetermined amount of asbestos insulation was removed from pipes in a county-owned building by government construction employees.

An agent with the state Office of Environmental Programs sampled the insulation from the basement of 18 Office St. in Bel Air, home of the Harford County Board of Elections Supervisors, and it was confirmed it contained asbestos. The next step, according to a spokesman with the Maryland State Health Department, was to determine how much was removed and where was it taken.

State laws require that licensed asbestos removal companies be contracted to get rid of the materials, but it didn't appear that happened in this case.

Bel Air lawyer Stephen M. Waldron was sworn in 25 years ago this week as a Harford Circuit Court judge. Waldron, 37, was appointed to the position in January by Gov. William Donald Schaefer.

Most new judges have a two week orientation period, but Waldron was allowed to cut a week out of it because of his prior exposure to courts and work as a trial lawyer specializing in domestic violence cases, tort litigation and other civil and criminal work.

In other legal news, Max Miller said he was stepping down as the Harford County government's chief attorney because he was spreading himself too thin between the county job and his private practice.

"I stayed far longer than I had ever intended when I started," Miller said. ""Everything is in line. I would have liked to have stayed, but I can't do both."

Philadelphia Electric Company's chairman and CEO James L. Everett III announced his retirement 25 years ago this week, but denied it had anything to do with the situation at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, which had to be shut down when control room operators were found sleeping on the job.


Everett had been under pressure since the closure, but refused to step down or retire. Hired to replace Everett and run PE was Joseph F. Paquette Jr., 53.

Victims of disease, about 750 gizzard shad were found dead along the shore of the Cecil County side of the Conowingo Lake 25 years ago.

The fish, also known as mud shad, typically travel in schools and were found about a half-mile above Conowingo Dam. A state environmentalist said disease was suspected because the fish had blotches under their scales.

The bald eagle population at Aberdeen Proving Ground was up 20 percent 25 years ago. Officials said 87 eagles called the post home, an indication of the strength of the eagle population at APG.

The birds are counted in mid-winter, just before the nesting season when they lay eggs.

"The purpose is so that we don't harass the birds while they are nesting," a post environmentalist said.

Work was getting ready to begin on the upscale Glenangus neighborhood 25 years ago, when The Aegis ran a picture of developers Tony Meoli and Jeff Dresher looking over plans for their development on 322 acres on "one of Harford County's most famous horse farms near Bel Air. The custom homesites will be marketed by the project's developers, and home construction will be tightly controlled by covenants to produce and exclusive community at the upper end of the income spectrum."

In sports 25 year ago, Jeff Franklin, Ed Bauguess and Anthony Williams, all of Aberdeen High School, won state wrestling titles this week 25 years ago at Western Maryland College. Reaching the finals were Todd Martinek of Bel Air High, Chris Birth of Bel Air High, Bill Martin of Edgewood High, Tom Quigg of Aberdeen High and Mark Frear and Armondo Horsey of North Harford High.