DIY: Reuse old books or sheet music for Christmas decoration

Learn how to make Christmas tree decorations out of old book pages.

Twisted Sisters is an eclectic group of friends and artists who share the same passion: We love handmade, and we love vintage.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree ...

Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner? It's time to get out the mistletoe, hang the stockings and pick out the perfect tree.

Here at Twisted Sisters, Christmas decorating is one of our favorite things. You know we love anything handmade. We believe these trees are the perfect addition to any Christmas decor. And perhaps the best part is finding a new use for old materials. You can shred old book pages or sheet music to achieve this look.

These are the perfect gifts for teachers, party hostesses or your friend next door. They look great in bunches, too, so build a forest. Make a couple to give and a few to keep. It's easy enough to include the kids in this craft.


Foam cones in various sizes

Book pages or sheet music

Scissors (optional)


Hot glue gun


Adhesive spray (optional)

Clear glitter (optional)

Wooden spools


Tear (or cut) the book pages into 1-inch-wide strips but at varying lengths. Smaller pieces will make the top of the tree, while longer ones will create the bottom.

Then, plug in the hot glue gun and heat up the glue stick.

Curl one end of the paper strip using your pen/pencil.

Now comes the foam cone. You can purchase these in varying sizes at craft stores. Starting at the bottom of the cone, glue the longer strips of paper using the uncurled ends. Work your way up until the whole tree is covered.

Wooden spools, which come in a variety of sizes and can be purchased at craft stores, will serve as your tree's trunk. Apply a little hot glue and mount the cone on top.

Tie a bow with your favorite holiday ribbon, and glue it to the point of the cone to create a tree topper.

If you want a little sparkle, spray the tree with adhesive spray and sprinkle on the glitter.

Add a twist ...

Have any left over wrapping paper from last year? Use that instead of the book pages or sheet music.

Twisted Sisters is a handmade and upcycled home furnishings company based in Annapolis.

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