• Being several feet off the floor is not a normal position for a dog to be in. Naturally, this can make some dogs nervous.
  • If your dog seems immune to flea preventatives, may need to treat your home and yard as well as your dog.
  • Whether we are at the dog-park or doggie day care, other dogs try to mount my male dog. Why?
  • With the temperatures rising, time spent outdoors with our canine friends will also be on the rise. Enjoying the outdoors with your dog is certainly something to look forward to, but it also means a higher risk of him getting loose or possibly being stolen.
  • When we think of dog phobias, we mostly think of their fear of fireworks or thunderstorms. But dogs can develop all sorts of phobias, and wind phobia is definitely something for dogs who are sensitive to sound.
  • It seems like they are missing the point of being responsible owners when they neglect to “carry out” the poop bag.
  • Getting a dog should be a well-planned decision to ensure a lifelong commitment. Dogs are not objects that are returned if you change your mind because they have become too big, too energetic or too time-consuming to care for properly. For the greatest chance for success, put forth the effort to find the best match for you and your family.
  • The money going to Valley Proteins in Dorchester County comes from Maryland's Bay Restoration Fund, which gets its money from a “flush fee” paid by residents and has been used to upgrade public sewage treatment plants.
  • How do I stop my dog from barking at other dogs or animals on TV?
  • My arthritic hands and fingertips prevent me from opening those squeeze clasps on collars and especially harnesses.
  • February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Caring for your dog’s teeth isn’t just an important part of grooming and keeping your dog looking her best, it’s also an integral part of keeping her healthy on a larger scale. Regular dental care and brushing is essential to prevent bad breath and gum disease.
  • If you’re brave enough to embrace the low temperatures with lots of snowfall and ice, you can be in for a real treat. Moose, elk, deer and bison leave higher terrain for snow-covered meadows as they endure the harsh winter climate and have more possibilities of finding food.
  • The black-footed ferret has long been a model species for new conservation technologies.
  • Two species of rabbit-size rodents called springhares glow under black light, that perplexing quirk of certain mammals that is baffling biologists.
  • To help your pup develop into a happy, healthy, well-adjusted adult dog, The American Kennel Club offers a few tips to keep your new puppy on the right track.
  • She is otherwise a sweet cat and will brush up against us and allow us to pet her. What can we do to regain her trust?
  • My cat makes an incredible mess and makes snorts and funny sounds when eating. Should I take her to see a vet about this?
  • While everything may quickly return to normal as your dog becomes accustomed to the new schedule, some dogs could suffer from separation anxiety.
  • Presently, we are awake most of the night. Any suggestions?
  • It has reached the point where our dogs must eat in separate rooms during mealtime. This is not a good long-term solution. Any suggestions?