For Nashville's Willis family, the mega-brood that includes 12 children ranging from ages 2 to 20, music literally is a way of life.

After dad Toby Willis saw a performance of the Irish dance tour "Riverdance," years ago, he was inspired to teach his entire family the traditions of Irish song and dance. Nearly a decade later, the all-sibling band & dance troupe, which goes by the stage name The Willis Clan, are led by Toby and mom Brenda, and have since landed a recording contract, an agent, their first CD in 2013 and are the subject of a reality TV show scheduled to air in the summer. Although they excel in a broad spectrum of musical genres, it's their Irish music that has propelled them to fame, tours, repeated trips to Ireland -- and to Walt Disney World.

For central Floridians, the opportunity to see The Willis Clan in person is this weekend at the Raglan Road pub & Irish restaurant in Downtown Disney. As one of the featured groups at the St. Patrick's Day celebration at Raglan Road, The Willis Clan returns after performing last weekend at the pub, with shows slated for this coming Friday through Sunday, March 15, 16 & 17. A week later, they will perform at the Irish Dance World Championships in Boston.

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