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Parents say popular toy is getting stuck in their kids' hair

Parents say popular toy is getting stuck in their kids' hair

As the holiday shopping season approaches, furious parents online are warning others not to purchase the popular Bunchems toy because they say it's getting stuck in their kids' hair and causing nasty knots, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Bunchems are small, spherical toys with little spines so they can be hooked together to build things. The same small hooks that bind the Bunchems together for building are the same ones that make it easy for the toys to get snarled in hair.

The Amazon page for the product has been flooded with parents warning others not to buy Bunchems as they share horror stories of having to spend hours trying to get the sticky toys untangled from hair. Others say they've even had to cut the toys out.

Bunchems warns parents to keep the toy away from hair, but if they do get stuck, the company has a suggestion.

video on's customer support page provides a step-by-step tutorial on what to do if you find yourself in a sticky situation. The solution involves using conditioner or olive oil to gently slide the Bunchems down the strand.

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