Oviedo LB Tyler Foto can return to school in January

Oviedo LB Tyler Foto, one of the top 2013 college football prospects in Central Florida, met with the Seminole County School Board on Monday for a hearing to appeal his expulsion for this school year. Foto was charged with aggravated assault following an incident with a Winter Springs student after a volleyball game at Oviedo last month.

On Monday, the board gave Foto a bit of a reprieve, ruling that he will be allowed to return to school in January. Foto's arraignment for aggravated assault, a felony charge, is set for Monday at the Seminole County Courthouse.

“In the original ruling, I was supposed to be expelled to next year, so we got a break,” Foto said Monday. “I've been a little stressed from all this. I'll definitely learn from it and wouldn't do it again.”

The ruling means Foto will still miss an entire season of football, but he said he will just continue to focus forward to get ready for his senior season.

"You just use it as a learning experience and move on," Foto said. "We expected worse."

Foto said his recruiting process has not quite picked up the pace, but that Vanderbilt has shown the most interest, so far.

He will be taking classes via Florida Virtual School until he returns to Oviedo High.

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