Duaron Williams will decide between UCF, Iowa State and Kansas tonight

The long process will finally come to an end for Orlando Jones High offensive lineman Duaron Williams tonight when he reveals his college choice tonight at 7 p.m. at his home during a private gathering of friends and family.

Williams is down to picking between his top three schools of Iowa State, Kansas and UCF and he said each school had tremendous attributes and that he would feel comfortable choosing either school, yet it has to be one.

"I’m very excited to share this with a lot of my friends and family," Williams said Wednesday. "A lot of guys out there are fighting for their first offer and I've been blessed for these 16-or-so offers I have to choose from."

Williams said he considers himself particularly fortunate given that he still has numerous offers despite going down with ACL tear in the first game and missing the rest of his senior season.

"I feel so blessed, especially coming off a senior year where I didn’t play," Johnson said.  "I didn’t have any idea what would happen. I did lose a couple of offers, but Kansas, Iowa State and UCF all stuck by me and they are all still the same now. That's why I picked those three."

Here is how Williams breaks them down:

UCF -- "It's close to home, my mom would be able to make every home game with ease. I get a lot of support from the city if I stay right here in Orlando. I like Coach [George] O’Leary, he’s a cool guy."

Kansas -- "They have one of the best campuses I have ever been on. And the facilities, everything there is state of the art. They have a big weight room, and now with Charlie Weis going there, he obviously knows his stuff. He has four Super Bowl rings. He is obviously a good addition for them."

Weis stopped by the Jones' home in Orlando this past Saturday for an in-home visit. Williams said. "It was one of the coolest moments of my life," Williams said of Weis coming to his house. "Having Charlie Weis come through my door and sit on my couch and try to get to come to his school … it’s just amazing,"

Iowa state -- "They have one of the best fanbases I have ever been around. The is no NFL team or NBA team in Iowa, so they are either for Iowa or Iowa State. 

"Also, my former teammate Willie Scott is up there and their coaching staff is  very tight-knit, which is another thing I liked about the school ... It's like one big family,  literally."

Chris Hays is the Sentinel's recruiting coverage coordinator and can be reached at chays@tribune.com.



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