Victor Oladipo is eager to bounce back against the Miami Heat

The pick-and-roll started at the top of the 3-point arc. As Victor Oladipo dribbled to his left, Andrew Nicholson set a pick on the Dallas Mavericks' Jae Crowder, prompting Crowder's teammate Shawn Marion to begin defending Oladipo.

But as Oladipo moved toward the inside edge of the arc, Crowder followed, too. Within seconds, the Orlando Magic rookie found himself trapped, without his dribble, by Marion and Crowder. The double-team worked perfectly. Oladipo jumped to pass the ball to Maurice Harkless, but the Mavericks deflected the ball and stole it.

The Mavericks kept pressuring Oladipo all game long, and he went on to commit eight more turnovers.

So, Oladipo knows he'll face similar tactics when the Magic host the Miami Heat on Wednesday night at Amway Center.

"They're just going to try to turn me over, speed me up and try to do whatever it takes for me to panic," Oladipo said. "I'm going to have to do a great job of not doing that."

But will he?

That will be one of the most interesting subplots Wednesday night and for the rest of the Magic's season. The Mavericks created a road map for other teams to follow, and other teams will keep testing Oladipo until he proves over and over again that he can protect the basketball.

Although he has enjoyed some spectacular moments already, Oladipo has committed 40 turnovers in his 10 regular-season games.

Magic officials know their prized rookie will encounter growing pains as he makes the transition from playing shooting guard exclusively in high school and college to playing point guard in the NBA.

Magic officials are eager to see how Oladipo responds to those growing pains.

"All that part of it is growth," Magic coach Jacque Vaughn said.

"That's our thought process. What are we? Ten games in? So, 10 games from now, hopefully, he learned from that Dallas game and he moves forward and he's better 10 games from now."

Oladipo has a high level of self-confidence, and his toughness was one reason why the Magic selected him second overall in the 2013 NBA Draft.

But even Oladipo seemed a bit dejected by his performance against the Mavericks.

In the days since then, he's watched film and received advice from countless people.

"It's tough being who he is right now," Magic point guard Jameer Nelson said. "He's the No. 2 pick coming to a new situation and a different level of basketball and is asked to do something that he's never done and play the point guard position. For him, he has a lot of people in his ear, and I'll pick and choose my spots when I say things to him because of that."

Nelson and Vaughn have said Oladipo will have to learn through experience.

As difficult as the game against the Mavericks was, a matchup against the defending world champion Heat could be even tougher.

Some of Oladipo's turnovers against Dallas occurred when he drove into traffic and found himself confronted by a power forward or center. A couple of the other giveaways were fluke plays — like when he slipped on the court and his feet went out of bounds.

"Everything's correctable, so I've just got to stay positive," Oladipo said.

"It was just me trying to make plays that aren't there. I've got to simplify it, really. It's easier said than done. But once I realize how to do that, then it's going to be better for me. A lot of the turnovers, with me falling and stuff like that, I can't do anything about that. But the other ones, where I throw it away, I can have control of those." Read his blog at and follow him on Twitter at @JoshuaBRobbins.

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