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National Fun at Work Day: A list of the best and worst jobs

Have a little bit of fun today in honor of National Fun at Work Day

Whether you're stuck in a cubicle analyzing spreadsheets or at a construction site laying roofing tiles, today is the day to have some fun on the job. 

Today marks National Fun at Work Day, an unofficial national holiday usually celebrated on Jan. 28 or by some on the last Friday of January. 

It is an unofficial holiday, so unless you call in sick, you're still expected to show up -- but who says you can't have a little fun at the workplace? 

So treat yourself to an extra cup of coffee or a sweet treat from the vending machine. Watch your favorite show on your phone during your lunch break. You could even play a little prank on a coworker, just don't go overboard. 

It's fine to try and take joy in what you do everyday, just be wary that it still fits to the approval of your boss or bosses. 

In honor of National Fun at Work Day, view the gallery above for's list of the best and worst jobs. 





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