43 funny T-shirts you can't wear to work

For the Floridian folks who have to suck into button-ups and hide sweat stains on satin, wouldn't it be easier to wear your feelings on a short sleeved shirt during the work week?

For the Monday blues mixed with craving for tacos, it would simpler to don a "I DON'T WANNA TACO 'BOUT IT" T-shirt instead of voicing this complex emotion we all feel.

Of course, the Internet has provided some pretty perfect places to get our feelings out if not on the clock. Sites like Busted Tees and Threadless craft attire especially made for the punny and nerdy humor in all of us.

We found the 43 best T-shirts on the Internet because that's likely the maximum capacity of 100 percent cotton you can fit in your closet.



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