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Speak out: The 2 most unlikable candidates are running for president

Unlikable candidates: I think it's good that we have been given the chance to see two of the most unlikable people running for president. What we are seeing are things we need to get rid of, racism and bigotry. This election is showing how racially divided this country is. We are all Americans, and we are making ourselves look bad to other countries. We don't treat everyone the same.

Install the right lights: I read that the city of Aurora received a grant to put LED lights in backyards and places where it is dark in order to help reduce crime. There is a problem, however. First of all, I researched this. I wanted to put LED solar-powered lights in my backyard. The LED lights are expensive. By putting the lights on the north side, they might not get enough sun to keep them powered up. The batteries in these systems are quite expensive. Two years down the road when they wear out, who will pay to replace them? I don't think people have thought this through. Just putting in my 2 cents.

Leery of Chapa LaVia: Thank you, Denise Crosby, for the article on Linda Chapa LaVia and her supporters. She needs to pull out of the Aurora mayoral race. We don't need her, and we don't need Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan giving her input on how to run our city. We sure don't need Madigan. Look what he has done to our state.

Riled about pedophiles: I just need to say something. I'm not a bad person, but I am so tired of all of these people who are child pedophiles showing up in court in wheelchairs and on oxygen while saying they only have a few months left to live. This is so ridiculous. They need to be punished. A child, or anyone who has been sexually abused, will live with that forever. I mean forever. I know, I've been there. The judge needs to be tough on these people. The heck with them being in wheelchairs. Guess what? They are still alive. It's a bunch of baloney.

Worried about weeds: Real allergy season is approaching quickly. I feel so sorry for people who are allergic to weeds. I have family members who have allergies. The state has allowed weeds to grow several feet tall. Pollen blows everywhere in the air. It is a disaster. Medical insurance costs for allergy sufferers keep going up. Weeds that need to be cut down and burned are just left blowing in the wind. The person who was in charge of cutting these weeds down very short was put out of business and now collects unemployment. Get busy and cut down all those weeds so people can become healthier.

Isolation situation: I would like to say that the big reason why we have all these shootings in the inner city is because, way back when, there were projects that isolated people. This came about because the rich white people separated themselves from the poor blacks. When you start isolating people, this is what happens.

Enforce the laws: I want to offer my condolences to Mayor Weisner. I hope things go better for him as he works his way through his treatment. That being said, we need to get someone in besides Linda Chapa LaVia. She is a puppet for Michael Madigan. We do not need sanctuary cities. We have laws on the books that the people in Aurora want to have enforced. The gang that rode through Aurora was breaking the law. They were a gang of thugs against one person in a truck. Most of them were from Chicago. Weisner tied the police's hands and wouldn't let them do anything. It's time to wake up. We need to do things the right way. Weisner wasn't bad, but he didn't enforce all of our laws.

Help our own: I think if Donald Trump was elected, he would do something about illegal immigrants. He would not give them food stamps or free medical services. President Obama promised he wouldn't do it, yet he did. Hillary Clinton would just keep letting illegal immigrants in. Obama didn't give seniors a raise, but he gives 2 percent loans to illegal immigrants. I'm a senior with six major medical issues, but I can't get help. I'm really tired of this country. We don't help our own.

Money and power: If Hillary Clinton had divorced Bill Clinton over his lifetime of indiscretion, would we ever have heard of her again? It's a marriage for money and power. There can never be enough of either for such people.

Problems for police: In Chicago, if guns were taken away from all police and they were only given foam batons, they would still be sued on the grounds of using harsh language.

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