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'Dancing With the Stars' results: Who's ousted first?

Last night, in a first for me since I started doing this blog, I didn't watch or recap a Dancing With the Stars performance show. (I was out late for the holiday and then saw Mr. Zurawik had it covered, so I let it go for the day.)

But I had to see how Kate Gosselin did, so I just watched that part before the results show began, and man, what a disaster. I feel for her for the fact that she doesn't have an athletic or performance background, but still: You have to learn the routine. That was awful.


Anyway, let's get to the results show.

Said results start getting revealed immediately, whoa. Buzz Aldrin and Ashly are safe. The first couple in the bottom two is Pamela Anderson and Damian. Wow. Even Pamela says, "Is she serious?"


The judges request their reprise for the night, and not surprisingly, it's Nicole Scherzinger and Derek. Two 10s in week two? She deserved it.

The pros perform a dance by Michael Jackson's choreographers, and it's good fun.

Sorry, but I'm skipping recapping Adam Carrolla's segment. It exists.

More results: Aiden Turner and Edyta are safe, as are Niecy and Louis.

The Beach Boys (and John Stamos?) perform while the pros dance again. My husband says it's just like an episode of Full House, but I don't really know what he's talking about.

Segment on Len's "commandments." After that, he issues a challenge to the contestants: Next week, they want each dance to show "a story."

Results: Evan Lysacek and Anna are safe. After a break, we learn that Jake Pavelka and Chelsie are safe, as are Nicole Scherzinger and Derek.

The Macy's Stars of Dance performance is in honor of the victims of the Haiti earthquake, and it's entertaining. Next, there's a segment about Brooke Burke's transition into the co-host role.


More results: Erin Andrews and Maks are safe. Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl are, as well.

This leaves Shannen Doherty and Mark and Kate Gosselin and Tony waiting to find out which couple is in the bottom two. Kate and Tony are safe (NOOOO!), and Shannen and Tony are in the bottom two couples.

The couple going home tonight is Shannen and Mark. Aww, that's a bummer -- she was hardly the worst out there, and it was nice to see a softer side of her.

"I think that dancing really isn't my thing -- I'm an actor," she says. She also mentions that Mark is injured and would be out the next six weeks, and Shannen would have been working with Mark's dad Corky. Speaking of dads, Shannen reiterates what she said last week, that she did the show because her father wanted her to.