Brian Williams has put NBC's credibility on the line

Brian Williams is more than just an anchorman, he's a key player in the network's entire news organization.

I saw the broadcast in which Brian Williams reported a story that he has since retracted, and his recent apology for it doesn't fit the crime ("Can NBC News now have any credibility with Brian Williams as its face?" Feb. 4).

Anyone who watches NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams must have observed that there is way too much Brian Williams in every broadcast of which he is a part. Mr. Williams slants the broadcasts to include stories about things that he likes: the Jersey Shore, Bruce Springsteen, NASCAR and all things military, especially military brass.

His introductions to the stories of other reporters are way too long. His longtime NBC colleague Lester Holt runs a much tighter and smoother broadcast while maintaining a sense of humor when appropriate.

It will be interesting to see how NBC News handles this situation. Mr. Williams is more than just an anchorman on NBC, he is a key player in the network's entire news organization. He must be held to the highest journalistic standards.

NBC needs to discipline Mr Williams in a very significant manner because its credibility is now at stake.

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore

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