Why was David Warren still on the streets?

Mr. Warren's seemingly miraculous escape from responsibility for his crimes ought to raise suspicion.

Dan Rodricks deserves our community's appreciation for his article exposing the incompetence and possible corruption of Baltimore's States Attorneys office in the case David Warren, who allegedly shot five people on Memorial Day as they enjoyed a barbecue ("A person who 'should not be on the streets of Baltimore,'" June 5).

As described by Mr. Rodricks, David Warren is allegedly a career criminal and assassin for hire who has a long history of violent crime and who, incredibly in the case of at least six crimes for which he was arrested, managed to have all charges dropped by the state's attorney.

Mr. Rodricks goes on to speak about Mr. Warren's suspicious escape from responsibility for his string of violent crimes and the state's attorney's office's refusal to prosecute him. What is at the root of this? Who is culpable in this gross misconduct?

An investigation is needed to get to the bottom of this and bring those responsible to justice, including termination and criminal negligence if warranted.

The Sun should be credited for first reporting this miscarriage of justice and I further call on the paper to begin in earnest compelling the release of more documents through the Freedom of Information Act.

We need to know what part the city or state played in each of these incidents, which when viewed together represent a shocking miscarriage of justice that resulted in the injury or death of multiple victims.

Local investigative news services are all that local communities have to protect them from bureaucratic malfeasance and even criminal behavior. Only The Sun can do that on our behalf.

Mark Leuba, Ellicott City

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