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Gov. Scott Walker's victory in Wisconsin is a harbinger of the November elections

Gov. Scott Walker's victory in the recall election is a microcosm of the upcoming presidential election in November ("The lesson of Wisconsin: OK for Obama, terrible for unions," June 6). The people of Wisconsin showed that they are sick and tired of bullying unions.

The unions claim to represent workers but in reality they are just interested in keeping their power. They massage the big-spending liberals and keep them in office, and the liberals massage the unions to curry their money and favor.

In the meantime our nation is bankrupt with almost $16 trillion in debt.

The people of Wisconsin endorsed Governor Walker's belt-tightening and the state's debt free status. They rejected the Democratic senators who fled the state rather than stay and conduct the people's business.

The handwriting is on the wall for President Barack Obama, who refused to go to Wisconsin to try to help his beleaguered party. So much for loyalty. He tried to distance himself from this defeat but it has his fingerprints all over it. In November he will receive his own recall notice.

James R. Cook, Joppa

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