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Democrats aren't unified either

Will The Sun stop slanting its election coverage?

The Sun's continuing coverage of the Republican National Convention repeatedly characterized the state of the Republican Party as disunity. Yet on the first day of the Democratic National Convention, when the headline was that the party's chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was forced to resign in the face of leaked internal emails, no disunity labels could be found in The Sun's coverage ("Party chairwoman to step down," July 25).

Likewise, The Sun's initial article of Gov. Mike Pence following Donald Trump's announcement that he would be his vice presidential choice was approximately 33 paragraphs long. The first 23 paragraphs about Mr. Pence and the last 7 were decidedly negative. The initial article on Sen. Tim Kaine, the Democratic choice for vice president, was approximately 22 paragraphs and all were positive about Mr. Kaine.

J. Shawn Alcarese, Towson

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