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Don't tell Freeman Hrabowski what to do [Letter]

A lesson that has been learned during my 80-plus years of reading The Sun is that berating an editorial is more therapeutic than productive. Nevertheless, it is incomprehensible why even the revolting title of the "Draft Freeman" (Aug. 22) editorial was published inasmuch as the body of the piece failed to provide any logical basis for your view that you, or anyone else, should have the right to condemn or override a decision made by Freeman A. Hrabowski III not to become chancellor of the University System of Maryland.

Your acknowledgment of some of his accomplishments and his experience as an administrator and educator while faithfully and determinedly serving as the President of the University of Maryland Baltimore County are commendable and complimentary but reprehensively diminished when you emphasized the word "county" in the name of the institution in a derogatory manner.


As a long-time Baltimore County resident and property owner, I am not only proud of UMBC, I am thrilled that it is located in my county and that its location is appropriately identified. One of the laudable and least recognized accomplishments of Dr. Hrabowski's administration is the establishment of an Army ROTC unit on the campus (an action not favored by The Sun) which has afforded many full-tuition scholarships and provided Army officers to the U.S. military so that it could fulfill its mission on behalf of our country.

Neither UMBC nor Dr. Hrabowski need my words or support because their respective records are public knowledge. However it is disturbing that in the year 2014, The Sun has not yet learned that involuntary servitude has been abolished and that each of us, including Dr. Hrabowski, is entitled to make his or her own life decisions.


Finally, it is to be noted that The Sun has not been appointed as the spokesperson for, or to, the search committee for a new chancellor of the University System of Maryland.

Hyman K. Cohen, Pikesville


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