Trump and the 'poorly educated'

It seems that Dan Rodricks has again conflated his story of "economic anxiety" pitting his far left wing liberal views against our conservative ideals ("Economic anxiety an old story in Trump stronghold," Aug. 24). By the way Dan, that means your stories are mixed up. Not bad for a Loyola University graduate from Maryland's 6th Legislative District. This is the Dundalk and Essex areas of East Baltimore County that you belittle so irreverently.

This is the same area of major historical battles involving the British during the War of 1812. The Battle of North Point, which many believe was America's first great test of our ability to remain an independent nation, was critical in our nation's development. This battle was fought on September 12, 1814 and was pivotal. Washington had just been taken by the British and the White House and the Capitol burned in August.


On what would become greater Dundalk's shores, this land attack was one prong of Britain's strategy to take Baltimore. Their bombardment of Fort McHenry which, by the way, produced our national anthem, was the other prong. Oh, say can you see, Dan? British troops confronted over 3,000 American militiamen defending old North Point Road near Log Lane during Dundalk's contribution to U.S. victory in the Battle of Baltimore.

The steel and shipping industries in Dundalk were the centerpieces of mid-century manufacturing history and the economic engines of the Baltimore region and the entire country. Beginning in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Dundalk was rapidly transformed from farm fields into an innovative planned community. Henry McShane, an Irish immigrant, started an iron foundry among the fields and houses just east of Baltimore in 1854. A wharf along the Patapsco River and a railroad converged near the location of the foundry and Henry's son William named the new freight station there in honor of his father's hometown in Dundalk, Ireland. I bet you did not know that Danny Boy.


In 1917, the Bethlehem Steel Company took over the nearby Sparrows Point steel plant. To provide needed housing for new workers in this rural area, it created the Dundalk Company. They began purchasing around 1,000 acres of land on either side of the tracks near Dundalk Avenue and the freight station straddling the city-county line. The communities were thus built and the area was crucial in its shipbuilding and steel production during World War I and World War II. Of course, recent times have been hard on the industries but its people have adapted.

The people down here are young and old alike, multiple races and religious beliefs. All hardworking people who pride themselves on taking care of their family, friends and neighbors. We pride ourselves on building strong communities and that remains along with strong ties. We lean toward Donald Trump because we are just sick and tired of some of the liars and cheats in government. They are all "talk" on the campaign trail, no action when in office — or just plain do not adhere to the principles that our forefathers fought so hard for. We have dealt with Tricky Dick Nixon (a Republican), Slick Willy Clinton and now Corrupt Hillary Clinton (both Democrats). Did you notice party affiliation is not the issue here?

You should read the current best seller, "Crisis of Character," written by ex-Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne. He describes all his experiences during his service at the White House. If you were a person on the fence before, this should knock you over for sure.

I was once told by teachers and friends in school that you don't mess with people from Dundalk and Essex because they won't take any crap from you. If that is what you want to peddle, go to Back River Waste Water Plant and peddle your convoluted views.

Oh, by the way, I took education very seriously, thank you. Both of my children graduated from college and have successful careers as a result. Many parents in my neighborhood have done the same or their children have various trades.

J.J. Sibiski, Dundalk