Readers Respond

Trump = Muhammad Ali (with apologies to Ali)

Contrary to Ted Venetoulis, it is not "Trump: McCarthy 2.0" (June 3), but rather "Trump: Muhammad 'Ali 2.0" — and not for the better.

Consider these similarities between the billionaire Donald Trump and the boxer Muhammad Ali: Both exude provocative swagger and bombastic showmanship, both are seen as unpredictable loudmouths with each speaking his mind and refusing to abide by any conventional political protocol.


Both avoided military service — Mr. Ali out of conviction and Mr. Trump out of convenience. Each thought about himself as the "greatest" (with only the boxer articulating it out loud in what became his signature slogan). Both were transformational personalities: Mr. Trump in politics and Mr. Ali in the nexus of sport and pop culture.

Ali had the "Rumble in the Jungle" and "Thrilla in Manila" but Mr. Trump was "Ragin' with Megyn" and is all a-glitter with Twitter. While Mr. Ali floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee, the Donald possesses pumpkin-souffle'd hair that defies grav-i-ity (well, points for the rhyme).


On the other hand, Mr. Ali was a reality while Mr. Trump is Reality TV. The former was an individual of real conviction and moral principle while the latter's only firm commitment is to solipsism and self-love.

The late boxer was a proud adherent of a religious faith whose members Mr. Trump would ban from traveling to these shores and he never missed an opportunity to visit a hospital, prison or orphanage while Mr. Trump's travels are from one of his tony golf courses to another.

The Greatest gave us the "'Ali Shuffle" while Mr. Trump prances to the "Donald (tax return) Dodge."

In the end, it comes down to the Champ vs. the Chump — which, not surprisingly, rhymes with Trump.

S.R. Cohen, Baltimore