Readers Respond

City rats not so easily deterred

Dan Harrison, 62, carries his Baltimore city garbage can from outside his house; through his house, down the front porch steps and onto the sidewalk. He lifts it so it won't scratch the floor.

While I am mostly happy with the "big, green and ugly" trash cans the city has provided to residents ("They're big, green and ugly, but they discourage the rats," Jan. 18), I am afraid that the containers are not the panacea for pest control that the article makes them out to be.

The main problem is that a "monster" is successful at keeping vermin away only if the lid is closed, and not all residents close the lids on the receptacles after they put trash in. And if a lid remains open for only a day or so before the trash is collected, that doesn't leave enough time for sanitation code enforcement personnel to respond to a 311 complaint, but it's plenty of time for rats to feast on the offerings.


So, yes, the big, green trash cans are an improvement, but no, I don't think the dual problems of careless citizens and the rats they attract are in the can for good.

Sean Tully, Baltimore