Revive the Red Line to Lexington Market

Plan would give inner-city residents access to suburban jobs, cost a third of line's original price.

In your agenda for the candidates for Baltimore City's next mayor you listed helping people get from the inner city to suburban employment centers ("The agenda for Baltimore's next mayor," Sept. 14).

There is a solution lurking in the wreckage of the doomed Red Line project: Build the Red Line from Woodlawn to Lexington Market.

From there, riders could transfer to the Metro to go east to the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus, or take the Metro north to Owings Mills; or walk one block east to catch the Light Rail south to Anne Arundel County and BWI, or north to Hunt Valley.

The inner city resident could thus gain mass transit access to the employment centers north, south, east and west of Baltimore. Since this plan eliminates the need for a tunnel under downtown Baltimore, a feature Gov. Larry Hogan emphasized when he vetoed the project, the cost would be $1 billion, or roughly a third of the original cost of the Red Line.

John C. Murphy

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